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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Phishing Scam Alert

Beware of recent grant scam 

A new phishing scam with the subject line: “PELL PANDEMIC GRANTS FOR STUDENTS.” has been found asking students to complete a form for the “Students Pandemic Grant”. This is not a legitimate offer.

Always proceed with caution when reviewing such emails. This scam appears to come from a K-State email address.

If you are unsure about an email, do not respond. Send the questionable email to  abuse@ksu.edu. See more of the email on the IT Blog. If you have fallen victim to this scam by clicking a link or by providing personal identifiers (e.g. social security number, driver’s license, etc.), please take every precaution by:

  • Contacting the IT Help Desk as your account may be compromised
  • Change your password to your eID
  • Alert your banking institutions that you have been victim to identity theft
  • Report your identity theft at https://identitytheft.gov
  • Verify direct deposit information has not been changed