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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Fall 2019 Financial Aid Schedule

Tuition bill is viewable in KSIS. July 15.

  • Questions about your bill?  View this short video.
  • The bill represents your tuition/fee charges and anticipated financial aid as of July 15 (ie. snapshot in time).
  • Changes in your enrollment or financial aid will be reflected in KSIS (ie. real time).
  • Verify your addresses are current in KSIS to ensure proper delivery of any refund check.

Financial aid applies to your KSIS account. August 18.

  • A change in your enrollment may affect any aid already disbursed to your account.

Complete assigned tasks. 

Send private outside scholarship checks to our office. 

  • If you have received a private scholarship, send the check to the Office of Student Financial Assistance as soon as possible. 
  • Before mailing the check, make sure you endorse the check so that processing is not delayed. 
  • Learn more about how private scholarships will affect your eligibility.

Sign up for Direct Deposit. 

Refunds begin for those with direct deposit. August 23.

  • Verify with your bank that the funds have been deposited prior to any expenditure.

Refunds begin if direct deposit has not been established.  August 26.

  • Paper refund checks may be picked up in the Cashier’s Office, 211 Anderson, between 8am – 4:30pm until Thursday, August 29.
  • Paper refund checks not picked up will be mailed on Friday, August 30.

Tuition bill is due. August 26.

  • Payment must be received in the Cashier’s Office, 211 Anderson Hall, by 3pm.
  • First day of the Fall 2019 semester.