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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Fall Financial Aid Checklist

Below is a list of common "To-Do" list items or tasks that should be completed before classes start on August 20th. All incoming and current students should review each item to ensure they are ready for classes in the fall. Students should sign in to the K-State Student Information System, or KSIS.

Common To-Do List Items or Tasks in KSIS:

To-Do Item or TaskDescription
Award Notification ResponseA financial aid offer has been made to you. We encourage you to respond to your student aid offers by signing in to KSIS.
Endorse Private ScholarshipA private scholarship check has been received from you or a donor which needs your endorsement.  Please stop by 104 Fairchild to endorse the check.  Once endorsed, the funds will be disbursed to your Student Account.
Entrance CounselingAs a first-time loan borrower, you must complete Loan Entrance Counseling prior to the disbursement of a Federal Direct Student Loan. Complete Entrance Counseling at Federal Student Loans.
DL Master Promissory NoteYou must complete the Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) to receive your federal subsidized or unsubsidized student loan. See instructions for Federal Direct Loan Promissary Note.
Parent PLUS Promissory NoteTo receive the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan, your parent who signed the Parent PLUS Loan application must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN).
Document Academic CredentialsTo receive federal financial assistance, you must provide official, school issued, documentation of your academic credentials. The type of documentation that will meet this requirement will depend upon your academic history. Find out what documentation suits your academic history.

General Tasks to Complete:

Report Private Scholarships and Outside Funding

  • All students are asked to complete and submit a Private Scholarships Form (pdf) to report private scholarships from sources other than Kansas State University.

Sign up for Direct Deposit of Financial Aid

  • Students and/or parents may sign up for direct deposit and have any remaining financial aid directly deposited into a personal bank account. Refunded financial aid is often used to pay for textbooks and course materials. 

Pay your K-State Bill

  • Each students' bill is due by 3:00 PM on the first day of both the fall and spring academic semesters.

  • Scholarships and/or financial aid are applied to students’ K-State bill about 10 days before the start of each academic semester.

For a detailed timeline of when financial aid will be disbursed to student account, please view our fall schedule