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Office of Student Financial Assistance

Domestic, out-of-state academic merit scholarships

Use the grid below to find the intersection of your high school GPA and ACT/SAT score to determine your eligibility for our four available out-of-state scholarships awards for incoming freshmen. You may also view these scholarships in detail on the out-of-state freshman scholarships page.

Please note that meeting the eligibility requirements for a scholarship does not guarantee an award, as all award amounts and criteria are pending availability of funds and are subject to change.

Fall 2020 Awards

Out-of-state academic merit freshman scholarships award grid

Please note that all dollar amounts below reflect total four-year award values.

View the full scholarship details.

 32+ ACT
1450+ SAT
 30-31 ACT
1390-1440 SAT
 29 ACT
1350 SAT
 26-28 ACT
1240-1340 SAT
 24-25 ACT
1160-1230 SAT
 22-23 ACT
1100-1150 SAT

 20-21 ACT
1020-1090 SAT



Purple and White Scholarship
for non-Kansas residents: $48,000

* Students from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska,
North Dakota, Ohio or Wisconsin would instead be eligible for
the Midwest Student Exchange Program.
* Students from Arkansas, California, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas
would instead be eligible for
the Founders Non-Resident Merit Award.


Denison Award for
non-Kansas residents:

 3.4 Denison Award for non-Kansas residents: $32,000  
Inspiration Award for non-Kansas residents: $24,000
 3.1Recognition Award for non-Kansas residents: $16,000