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Developing Scholars

Research Seminar

The primary goal of the DSP seminar is to prepare Scholars to take maximum advantage of the opportunities available at a research university like K-State. The seminar prepares Scholars not only to excel in the classroom but in scholarly work with a faculty research mentor as well. 

Scholars will learn about personal leadership, research skills, communication of new knowledge via writing, speaking, and the web, and will identify opportunities for in-depth study. Scholars will receive 1 credit per semester over a two-semester span.

What is covered in the seminar?

  • Scholars learn how to navigate and communicate in a professional environment.
  • Scholars learn how to conduct library research, learn the primary journals of their field, and the appropriate style manuals.
  • Scholars learn about human and animal subjects and ethics, laboratory skills and routines, and computer skills beyond the classroom experiences.
  • Scholars learn how to design a quality PowerPoint presentation, and how to prepare and present a poster presentation for participation in our annual Developing Scholars Program Symposium and reception.
  • Scholars gain self-confidence, critical thinking, and questioning skills as faculty and higher-level students interact with them on a daily basis.

General Poster Design

This is a suggested design. Please adapt this model as necessary.

Click here to download instructions for Symposium poster set-up. (pdf)

Poster Examples (click to view larger):




Helpful links for poster presentation and design: