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Developing Scholars

Faculty Comments

"It has been a pleasure to have him doing research in my group. I hope we can identify more students as talented as him in the future. I think your support provided him additional opportunities for education in his field."

"[My scholar] did a great job with her project. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again next semester. I think we just started to get to the interesting part of the research."

"[My scholar] is only a freshman, yet she has the willingness and self-determination to do what it takes to be successful while in school and after graduating school. She is realistic yet ambitious. I enjoy advising her because she is not afraid of challenges and willing to take up difficult tasks. If she continues this way, she will make a great student scholar and be able to continue it as her profession with or without my help. She is really worth DSP’s investment."

"We will work with [our scholar] on the presentation and use of funds. It has been delightful working with her over the past year and a half. We look forward to continuing our work together this spring. She is a good team contributor with excellent writing skills."

"[My scholar] is far and above any expectations I would have had going into this project. She is a very intelligent, caring, and creative person. She has been incredible help for me on this project.

"[DSP is an] Excellent program that provides a great opportunity for [my scholar] to participate in our NIH-funded R01 cancer preventative project in my lab. She is a hard worker. We are glad to have her through the support of your Developing Scholars Program."

mia and emily
Mia Taylor with mentor, Dr. Emily Mailey, Department of Kinesiology

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