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Developing Scholars

Program Components

Undergraduate Research

Edgerley-Franklin Leaders have the opportunity to participate in the Developing Scholars undergraduate research Program (DSP). If selected for DSP, you are matched with a faculty mentor in their field of study and conduct 6-10 hours of research each week. They present their research at the annual Developing Scholars Research Poster Symposium in April.



Urban Leadership Seminar

Edgerley-Franklin Leaders engage in a no-credit, bi-weekly urban leadership seminar led by Dr. Bernard Franklin, Program Director, and Dr. Irma O'Dell, Associate Professor of Leadership Studies. These seminars consist of interactive, thought-provoking discussions about current issues in urban communities and the leadership skills needed to enact social change. Past topics have included urban leadership, how research informs leadership, black/brown lives matter, the broken education system, the broken immigration system, gun control, and affirmative action (among others).

seminar seminar2

Alternative Break Service-Learning Trips

Edgerley-Franklin Leaders travel to an urban community to participate in an Alternative Break service-learning trip during Spring Break each year. During these trips, Leaders meet with non-profit organizations who are contributing to their communities in some way to learn about the work they do and how they are enacting social change. The students also engage in service work throughout the week. Past destinations have included Kansas City, Memphis, Denver, Chicago, and Boston.

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