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Developing Scholars

18th Annual Research Poster Symposium

Thank you to everyone who made our 17th annual DSP Symposium a success! Enjoy some pictures from the event below.

2018 Abstract Booklet (pdf)


The Frank Cortez Memorial Award was presented to Cesar Aparicio (Mentor: Dr. Emily McLaurin, Chemistry). This award goes to a student who passionately pursues excellence in many different interests from the arts to the sciences. 


The Diligence in Research Award was presented to Dominic Barker (Mentor: Dr. Brian Lindshield, Food Science, Dietetics and Health). This award goes to a student who has achieved academically and in research in spite of obstacles.










Pay It Forward Awards were presented to Sonia Berrett, Gabriela De La Cruz, Marlene Campos, and Vu Vo. These awards are funded by DSP alumni who wish to give back to the program and are awarded to current students whose experience reflects the donor's in some way. Sponsors of the Pay It Forward awards are Dr. Kristy and Dr. Jesus GarciaJose Valles and Areli Monarrez-Valles, Jorge Eduardo and Sharon Garcia MendozaClemente Jaquez and Dr. Olga Martinez Jaquez, Dr. Samuel and Norayma Ornelas, Andrew and Allie Kowal, and Maria Magdalena Ortiz-Smith and James Smith.


Promise awards go to Ayana Belk (Mentor: Dr. Anne Beamish, Landscape Architecture), Justice Catron, (Mentor: Dr. Warren White, Mechanical Engineering), and Brad Richards (Mentor: Dr. Sara Rosenkranz, Food, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Health). These awards are given to a new Scholar who shows great promise in the first year of research.


James R. Coffman Award of Excellence is based on the following traits: 

1) A Developing Scholar is not afraid of challenges and is expected to apply him or herself on research while maintaining good grades. 2) A Scholar is dependable, hard-working and responsible. A Scholar understands the commitment and the opportunity and values the experience provided. 3) A Scholar is a person of integrity. 4) A Scholar is intellectually inquisitive and excellence shows in her or his work.

Third-Year Winners: Mya Masterson (Mentor: Dr. Sally Davis); Third-Year Honorable Mention: Alexandra Mesias (Mentor: Prof. Bob Condia) Second-Year Winner: Olivet Martinez (Mentor: Dr. Sara Rosenkranz); Second-Year Honorable Mention: Sahiba Grover (Mentor: Dr. Bonto Faburay ); First-Year Winner: Joanna Gomendoza (Mentor: Dr. Mary Cain); First-Year Honorable Mention: Michelle Coca (Mentor: Dr. Maureen Gorman)


The Eyes on the Prize Award went to Maria Fernanda De La Torre (Mentor: Dr. William Hsu, Computer Science) for steadfastly keeping her focus on her future and quietly doing what needs to be done to take her future by storm.


The Promise of the Future Award went to Landon Smith, Ross Elementary School in Dodge City, KS for his inquisitive mind and passion for discovery.


The Rita G. Perez Exemplary Scholar Award goes to Kathlyn Gomendoza (Mentor: Dr. Lorena Passarelli, Division of Biology), third year Scholar in Biology. The Rita G. Perez Exemplary Scholar Award goes to a third-year Scholar who exemplifies intelligence, curiosity, integrity, generosity, empathy, determination, and perseverance through adversity.  The Eclipse Award goes to Carlos Aguirre (Mentor: Dr. William Hsu, Computer Science), second year Scholar in Computer Science. This is an award that acknowledges exceptional work by a young researcher.