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Developing Scholars

Application Information for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

To apply for the Developing Scholars Undergraduate Research Program, click to purple button below. Please read all details before you apply.

Applications are due by February 13, 2022

Program Eligibility

  • Undergraduate student from historically underrepresented* background
    • “Historically Underrepresented” is defined as an undergraduate student who is first generation of any background or is a member of a group that has been historically underrepresented in higher education. 
    • Students who do not fit this profile are invited to consider the OURCI Grants program for possible research matches or view the OURCI Clearinghouse for research projects.  All undergraduate students in pursuit of undergraduate research placement are welcome to visit one-on-one with OURCI staff for further guidance.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA (contact breneek@ksu.edu if questions/comments about GPA cut-off)
  • No prior research experience (if unsure, contact breneek@ksu.edu)
  • Prefrence given to early career students (students with at least one full year at K-State may be considered)

The following items are also required for the application:

  • Letter of Reference: Include a letter of recommendation on letterhead from a teacher or counselor, faculty member or academic advisor (include address and phone number). The name, position, address and phone number should be listed on the letter. The letter should include information about your academic preparedness, leadership qualities, potential success in a research program and information about your overall character.
  • Resume: Include information regarding academics, leadership, and community service.
  • Transcript: (unofficial copies okay)
  • Completion of the following essay questions (2,500 characters each):
    • Tell us how your cultural background and interactions have shaped the person you are today as well as the person you hope to become. Include examples of how you have overcome personal adversity.
    • What lights your fire! Think of three things that you are most intersted inor excited about to research.
    • What are your career goals and why do you wish to pursue them? How will the DSP program help you achieve your goals?

You can see a PDF of the full application HERE. Applications must be submitted electronically.

Applications should be submitted through the on-line survey. Letters of recommendation can be emailed to breneek@ksu.edu (preferred) OR mailed to The Developing Scholars Program, 215 Fairchild Hall, 1601 Vattier St. Manhattan, KS 66506, no later than February 13, 2022.

Press button below to apply

purple apply button 


If the above button does not work, you can access the application here:



*February 13, 2022 is the priority deadline for applications for the Developing Scholars Program. Applications received after Feb 13th will be considered dependent on space in the program.