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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work




Social Work


Regnier Scholarship

Ann McKee Regnier is a 1974 sociology graduate. Her husband, Kansas State University alumnus Robert Regnier, is the president and founder of the Bank of the Blue Valley. When a student at K-State, Ann received a scholarship which enabled her to pursue her studies; she is pleased to now be in a position to help current and future students in sociology at her alma mater. The Regnier Scholarship is awarded to a promising sociology major, with preference given to women and minorities. 

2019 Recipient:Erica Alfano
Past Recipients:Bianca Rodriguez (2017), Kiera Brown (2016), Marcus Dominguez (2015), Tayler Christian (2014), Bethany Ridens-Nelson (2013)
Grace and Glenn W. Long Memorial Scholarship

The Grace and Glenn W. Long Memorial Scholarship was established to perpetuate the memory of Grace and Glenn at KSU and to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students majoring in Sociology and Social Work. The fund was established in 1990 by Ivalee Long, Glenn’s second wife. Glenn and Grace were married for 30 years when she died in 1973. Glenn worked at KSU from 1933 to 1971 when he retired.  

2019 Recipient:Kei Ishihara
Past Recipients:Karen Palacios(2017), Paige Coleman (2016), Caroline Cetola (2015), Alexandria Bright (2014), Ariana Guerin (2013)
John Thurow Hill Memorial Award

The John Thurow Hill Memorial Award was established to perpetuate the memory of John Thurow Hill and to recognize outstanding students who are majoring in Sociology. The fund was begun in 1965 by John's parents, Dr. and Mrs/ Randall Hill.  

2019 Recipient:Sandra Sparks
Past Recipients:Logan Santel (2017), Rick Dewees (2016), Thomas Moloney (2015), David Dowling (2014), Patrick Rourke (2013)
Mildred and Robert Hininger Scholarship and The Damon and Carrie Hininger Scholarship

Both scholarships were established by Damon and Carrie Hininger. The Damon and Carrie Hininger Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding undergraduate student majoring in sociology while the Mildred and Robert Hininger Scholarship is given to an undergraduate sociology student with a specialization in criminology. The recipients must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average, based on a 4.0 scale. The recipients are selected by faculty, based on academic excellence and a promising career. 

Mildred and Robert Hininger Scholarship:
2019 Recipient:Riley Scherer
Past Recipients:Zachary Syrios (2017) Cynthia Bressler (2016), Victoria Lehmann (2015), Brett Hevel (2014), Shane Schoenhofer (2013)
Damon and Carrie Hininger Scholarship:
2019 Recipient:SayQuan Williams
Past Recipients:
Katrina Velarde (2017), Joshilyn Binkley (2016), Miranda Rickel (2015), Hanna Larsen (2014), Stacy Bain (2013)
Ralph and Barbara Dakin Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of this fund is to perpetuate the memory of Ralph and Barbara Dakin, and to provide financial assistance to students enrolled at KSU. To be eligible for consideration, the students shall be undergraduates enrolled in SASW, majoring in Sociology.

2019 Recipient:Alyssa Packer-Melliand                                                                                                                                               
2019 Recipient:Amy Wallace
Graduate Student Research Award

The Sociology Graduate Research Award is given to graduate students who have excelled in research by publishing peer reviewed articles or books; presenting their scholarly works at regional, national, or international conferences; and/or embarking upon a novel research project for their dissertation or thesis work. 

2019 Recipient:Stephen Lauer
Past Recipients:Alexandra Pimentel (2018), Stacy Smith (2017), April Terry (2016), Edward Green (2014), Sarah Beach (2013)
Graduate Student Teaching Award

The Sociology Graduate Student Teaching Award is given to the Graduate Teaching Assistant who demonstrates exceptional instructional promise as evidenced by factors including teaching evaluations, student commentaries, unique pedagogical techniques, and publications related to instructional activities. 

2019 Recipient:Ayesha Saeed
Past Recipients:Alayna Colburn (2018), Daniel Sitterle (2017), Arjun Kharel (2016), Daniel Sitterle (2015), Joseph Jakubek (2014), Nicole John (2013)



Biological Anthropology Achievement Award

This award is given by the faculty to reward exceptional work in biological anthropology.

2017 Recipients:Tuesday Frasier
Past Recipients:Eleanor Dickens (2016), Taylor Stackley (2015)
Harriet Ottenheimer Linguistic Anthropology Award

Esteemed linguistic anthropologist Harriet Ottenheimer served K-State from 1969-2006, teaching and publishing on language and music in African and African American cultures. Ottenheimer has also served as President of the National Association for Ethnic Studies (NAES) and of the Central States Anthropological Society (CSAS). This award is funded by Harriet Ottenheimer to reward exceptional student work and research in linguistic anthropology.

2017 Recipient:Carlie Stenzel 
Past Recipients:Courtney Eels (2016), Dana French (2015), Maggie Burger (2013)
Linguistic Anthropology Achievement Award

This award is given by the faculty to reward exceptional work in linguistic anthropology.

2016 Recipient:Rachel Nyhart 
Past Recipients:Khianna Harris (2015)
Harriet & Martin Ottenheimer CSAS Award

Former professors, Harriet and Martin Ottenheimer, have a long history of involvement with the Central States Anthropological Society (CSAS). Winners of this awards present their original research at the annual Central States conference.

2017 Recipient:Jakob Hanschu
Past Recipients:Anna Ladd, Matt Rogers, Jordan Thomas (2016), Khianna Harris (2015), Kayla Harwood and Jordan Thomas (2014), N/A (2013)
Ibn Battuta Award for Best Anthropology Student Paper

The Ibn Battuta Award is given by the Anthropology Program at Kansas State University to the anthropology major submitting the best anthropological research paper(s) for the academic year. The award consists of a cash prize and book describing the adventures and discoveries of Ibn Battuta, a 14th century Muslim traveler, as well as recognition of quality research and writing.

2017 Recipients:Joel Neises
Past Recipients:Julie Opperman (2016 winner), Jordan Thomas (2016 honorable mention), Khianna Harris and James "Speed" Rogers (2015), Kyle Gowen (2014), Stephanie Keith (2013)
Martin Ottenheimer Award in Adventurous Anthropology Award

Anthropologist Martin Ottenheimer (PhD Tulane U 1971), now professor emeritus at Kansas State, is internationally known for his ethnographic research in East Africa, especially the Comoro Islands, as well as major publications on kinship and cousin marriage. He was a Department Head at K-State (1987-1993), was elected President of the Central States Anthropological Society (1994-1995), and served on the Executive Board of the American Anthropological Association. This student award has been established in recognition of the adventurous spirit that guides Dr. Ottenheimer and many fellow anthropologists in their quest for knowledge about peoples and cultures all across the world.

2016 Recipient:Matt Rogers
Past Recipients:MacKenzie Wade (2015), Jordan Thomas (2013)
Mike Finnegan Award

Physical anthropologist, Mike Finnegan, is a highly-regarded forensic anthropology expert. In 2005, he was named a Distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Dr. Finnegan taught at K-State for the bulk of his career, retiring in 2012. He has sponsored this award to reward high-achieving physical anthropology students.

2016 Recipient:Tuesday Frazier
Past Recipients:Taylor Mann (2015), Kyle Gowen (2013)
Patricia J. O'Brien Scholarship Award in Archaeology

This scholarship was established in 1986 through the generosity of Professor Angelo Garzio with further contributions from colleagues and students of Pat O'Brien. Retiring from K-State in 1998, Pat played a major role in establishing a quality program of archaeology education at K-State during her thirty years of teaching and research here. This award is given in her honor as a means of recognizing the accomplishments of one or more anthropology majors (typically in their junior year) who have shown a genuine interest in archaeology.

2017 Recipient:Jakob Hanschu
Past Recipients:Melissa Wible (2016), Pattie Pearson (2015), Taylor Stackley (2014), Grace Bagley (2013)



Social Work

Outstanding Graduating Senior in Social Work

Each year, the social work faculty awards two small scholarships to students in the social work program. The Social Work faculty selects the winners of these awards from the senior class based on outstanding academic achievement.

2017 Recipient:Evelyn Brady
Past Recipients:Pia Rix (2016), Alison Nwafor (2015), Kendra Klaus (2015), Samantha Ray (2014), Margaret Knapp (2013)
2017 Recipient:Tricia Wilcox
Past Recipients:Leah Colgrove (2016), Cortney Ley (2015), Jennifer Hinshaw (2014), Kimberly Peterson (2013)

Dorla Jane (Dodie) Abbott Social Work Scholarship

The Dorla Jane (Dodie) Abbott Social Work Scholarship was endowed by Dodie Abbott in 2011 to be awarded each year to an eligible student in good standing in the Social Work Program. Dodie Abbott is a native Kansan, born in Great Bend, who devoted much of her adult life to serving the citizens of Kansas. She received her undergraduate degree at K-State in Sociology because, at the time, there was not a social work program. She worked for Wyandotte Co. SRS and then earned her MSW at KU in 1957. She worked in child welfare and later became the Assistant Director of the Social Work Department at the KU Medical Center, until her retirement. She made many valuable contributions to social work education by being a field practicum instructor for many students throughout her years at the Med Center.

2017 Recipient:Bekah Schumm
Past Recipients:Malori Gales (2016), Savannah Whipple (2015), Hannah Gordon (2014), Ayrika Bennett (2013)

Elizabeth Bliss Garzio Endowment Scholarship in Social Work

The Elizabeth Bliss Garzio Endowment Scholarship in Social Science was established by the late Professor Emeritus, Ang Garzio, to honor his former wife, Elizabeth (Betty) Bliss Garzio.  Betty, a retired social worker, devoted much of her life to the care of their developmentally disabled son, Eric, who lives and works at Big Lakes Developmental Center here in Manhattan.  The award is given to a senior who has earned academic merit and who has the potential and likelihood to pursue graduate education in social work.

2017 Recipient:Zanetta Thomas
Past Recipients:Madison Book (2016), Henrietta Slaffey (2015), Danielle Crossland (2014), Nicholas French (2013)

Grace & Glenn W. Long

The Grace and Glenn W. Long Memorial Scholarship was established to perpetuate the memory of Grace and Glenn at Kansas State University and to provide financial assistance to students majoring in Sociology and Social Work. The fund was begun in 1990 by Ivalee Long, Glenn's second wife.  Glenn and Grace were married for 30 years. Grace died in 1973 and Ivalee and Glenn were married in 1979.  Glenn received a certificate for 33 years of service to the Economics and Sociology Departments.  He worked at Kansas State University from 1933 to 1971 when he retired.

2017 Recipient:Ann-Marie Kennedy
Past Recipients:Hope Schlossmann (2016), Rachel Gastmann (2015), Alison Nwafor (2014), Jennifer Hinshaw and Morgan Cade (2013)