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Kansas State University researchers study immigration from Central America to rural Kansas. July 7, 2016. K-State Today

Digging their work: Kansas Archaeological Field School participants seek signs of area's past. June 20, 2016. K-State Today

K-State students digging into past along the banks of Wildcat Creek. June 17, 2016. The Manhattan Mercury.

Food availability a problem in smaller urban cities, despite dense populations, a Kansas State University study finds. February 12, 2016. K-State Media Release

Feminism: the dirty F-word. January 27, 2016. K-State Collegian

Crime Rates Fluctuate Over Winter Break. January 27, 2016. K-State Collegian


Anthropology Students Leave Classroom for World History Lesson. November 19, 2015. K-State Collegian

Student Leading with Passion. November 19, 2015. K-State Collegian

Donna C. Roper Obituary. September 21, 2015. The Manhattan Mercury

States Try to Counter Rural Flight. August 27, 2015. KTOO Public Media

Sociologist Addresses Depopulation in Kansas. July 30, 2015. K-State Today

Technological Advances Create More Opportunities for Academic Dishonesty. April 22, 2015. K-State Collegian

Sociology Professor Enjoys Teaching While Researching. April 19, 2015. K-State Collegian

Education long held dear in Kansas. February 15, 2015. Salina Journal

As the state ages, so does Saline County. February 15, 2015. Salina Journal

Truman nominee’s dedication for making difference leads her life. February 12, 2015. K-State Collegian

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback seeks incentives to attract people to urban areas. January 27, 2015. The Kansas City Star

Kansas birthrate lowest in recorded history. January 10, 2015. The Wichita Eagle


Out of the blue. December 1, 2014. The Manhattan Mercury

Black Student Union Hosts Racial Profiling Panel. November 19, 2014. K-State Collegian

Welcome Back from Professor Wesch. August 25, 2014. K-State Collegian

Tornado-stricken town recuilds with clean energy. May 6, 2014. Kansas First News

Criminology Club Finds New Life on Campus. May, 5 2014. K-State Collegian

10 Courses With a Twist. April 13, 2014. The New York Times

Spotlight on Innovative Teachers. April 1, 2014. K-State Collegian

Promoting Gender Stereotypes through Toys Harmful to Female Career Choices. March 30, 2014. K-State Collegian

Spotlight K-State Shines Light on Innovative Campus Teachers. March 28, 2014. K-State Collegian

Kansas offers incentive to bring people back to the plains. March 23, 2014. PBS NewsHour

Jessica Falcone. March 11, 2014. AIIS News


Selling the Good Life on the Great Plains. October 24, 2013. The Wall Street Journal.

Uganda trip gives students new perspective on KONY 2012. September 11, 2013. K-State Collegian

Hispanics in SW Kansas. July 22, 2013. The Manhattan Mercury

Digital Ethnography Students Spend Semester at Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community. May 9, 2013. K-State Collegian

Kansas group tries to reverse exodus of young from rural America. April 27, 2013. Reuters

Students heading to Uganda for summer research, service. April 22, 2013. K-State Media Release

Letter to the Editor: American Ethnic Studies Growing, not diminishing. April 9, 2013. K-State Collegian 

Campus Program Allows High School Girls to Experience K-State. March 6, 2013. K-State Collegian

71 K-State Faculty Members Receive Promotions, 43 Earn Tenure. March 5, 2013. K-State Collegian

Buddhism in Second Life: anthropologist studies spirituality in virtual reality. January 28. 2013. K-State Media Release


Sociology Professor Dies of Heart Attack. October 2, 2012. K-State Collegian

Enriching experience: three graduates named 2012 Fulbright Scholars. June 29, 2012. K-State Media Release

Archaeology students dig in to post's past. June 28, 2012. FtLeavenworthLamp.com

Routine justice: research shows how racial and gender profiling can affect outcome of traffic stops. June 21, 2012. K-State Media Release

It takes a village: youth expert says positive adult, community involvement keeps teens from trouble. June 18, 2012. K-State Media Release

Teacher, scholar, and speaker: internationally known professor receives honorary doctorate, delivers several keynote speeches. May 29, 2012. K-State Media Release

K-State sociologist leads rural demographics research. May 4, 2012. High Plains Journal

Outstanding teaching, advising, leadership earn six faculty members Presedential Awards. May 1, 2012. K-State Media Release

An education revolution beckons in the digital age. April 12, 2012. Kansas City Star

Sociology professor wins national teaching award through Continuing Education Association. Aprill 11, 2012. K-State Today

Successful service: junior from Olathe named 2012 Newman Civic Fellow by Campus Compact. April 10, 2012. K-State Media Release

City Commission Names Blue Earth plaza in Honor of Kansas Nation. April 5, 2012. K-State Collegian

Two Campus Leaders Receive Diversity Awards. January, 25, 2012. K-State Collegian

Valuing equality: student recognized for success in promoting multiculturalism with Commerce Bank award. January 11, 2012. K-State Media Release


Analyzing anti-trafficking activism: researcher studies the globalization of sex trafficking and the organizations that work to stop it. December 12, 2011. K-State Media Release

Kansas Highway Patrol Presents to Criminology Club
. September 23, 2011. K-State Collegian

Rural Communities Improved Upon in Hopes of Growth Attraction
. September 14, 2011. K-State Collegian

Rural Towns Falling Behind in Population Growth. September 13, 2011. K-State Collegian

Kansas Towns Face Population Decreases. September 9, 2011. K-State Collegian

Community leaders have mixed reactions to ROZ program. July 26, 2011. Topeka Capital-Journal

Experts skeptical of movers' tax break in Kansas. July 18, 2011. The Wichita Eagle

Corrections connections: criminology class corresponds, visits with inmates. May 26, 2011. K-State Media Release

Baby boomer bulge to weigh on Kansas. May 22, 2011. The Wichita Eagle

As 2011-2012 Coffman Chair, Wesch plans to help faculity understand and incorporate new media in teaching. May 10, 2011. K-State Media Release

Criminologist examines many sides of the death penalty in online intersession class. April 25, 2011. K-State Media Release

National Science Foundation chooses four K-State students, two alumnae for prestigious graduate research fellowship program. April 13, 2011. K-State Media Release

Brownback program's goal: rural growth. April 12, 2011. The Wichita Eagle

Secret Service Agent Presents to K-State Criminology Club. April 8, 2011. K-State Collegian

Students Hold Jewelry Sale to Raise Money for Senior Center
. April 5, 2011. K-State Collegian

Crime stopper: Secret Service agent to discuss work, job opportunities
. April 1, 2011. K-State Media Release

Olathe senior takes legislative look at human trafficking, organizes Stop Slavery Summit
. March 17, 2011. K-State Media Release

Behind the numbers: sociologist says Kansas' population growth not all positiv
. March 9, 2011. K-State Media Release

Criminology Club Brings in DEA Agent
. March 9, 2011. K-State Collegian

Next Fall Salina to Offer Two New Courses
. March 8, 2011. K-State Collegian

Women's Day, K-State and beyond. March 8, 2011. K-State Media Release

Remapping could follow census. March 7, 2011. The Wichita Eagle

Six students compete for 2011 Udall scholarship. March 4, 2011. K-State Media Release

Missouri Population Shift Moves Votes From Bellwether to Kansas. March 3, 2011. Bloomberg News

Additional bachelor's degrees means more opportunities at K-State Salina. February 21, 2011

Technology Helps Break Down Society Walls. February 18, 2011. K-State Collegian

Looking Beyond the Common Stereotypes in Society. February 16, 2011. K-State Collegian

Four students compete for Truman Scholarships. February 4, 2011. K-State Media Release


Human Trafficking Also Reported in US. December 1, 2010. K-State Collegian

Senior from Olathe researches human trafficking. November 15, 2010. K-State Media Release

From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-Able. October 12, 2010. TEDx

Diversity Education key to Moving Past Stereotypes. October 5, 2010. K-State Collegian

Criminology club to host speakers from Kansas criminal justice system. October 1, 2010. K-State Media Release

Research finds that parents and educators should encourage college students to shoot for the stars. September 30, 2010. K-State Media Release

Immigrants in Kansas Studied. September 27, 2010. Topeka Capital-Journal

Big questions about immigrant integration in Kansas go unanswered, researcher finds. September 21, 2010. K-State Media Release

Kansas State University Anthropology Professor’s Passion Lies in Understanding People. September 8, 2010. K-State Collegian

National Geographic donates to remodel seminar room in Waters Hall. September 2, 2010. K-State Media Release

K-State's Wesch among first fellows of National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education. August 13, 2010. K-State Media Release

Emporia, Kansas and its refugees. July 21, 2010. BBC News

K-State archaeology students dirty their hands in the field (school). July 20, 2010. K-State Media Release

KSU Professor named the top national anthropology teacher. July 14, 2010. The Manhattan Mercury

Putting students first: K-State working to ensure first-year student success with K-State First. July 13, 2010. K-State Media Release

K-State's Golden Key recognizes two graduate assistants for excellence. May 14, 2010. K-State Media Release

K-State's Developing Scholars program recognizes students for excellence. May 11, 2010. K-State Media Release

Eugene A. Friedman Obituary. April 28, 2010. The Manhattan Mercury

Marriage Traditions Similar in Many Cultures, Societies. April 20, 2010. K-State Collegian

K-State sociology professor receives appointment to National Research Council committee on the economic and environmental impacts of biofuels. April 14, 2010. K-State Media Release

Experts sat research into Nigerian 419 scam e-mails could lead to improved anti-phishing technologies, most messages not actually from Africa. April 7, 2010. K-State Media Release

K-State's Social Work Program receives continuing accreditation from Council on Social Work Education. March 10, 2010. K-State Media Release

Human Rights Activist to lecture at K-State March 8. March 1, 2010. K-State Media Release

K-State Students Work Passionately, Proud to Be Purple. February 9, 2010. K-State Collegian

K-State graduate student to attend national poverty summit in Washington, D.C.
January 27, 2010. K-State Media Release


Leadership class selects 16 for class. December 27, 2009. The Manhattan Mercury

Noted Criminologist and Forensic Studies Expert to speak at K-State. December 24, 2009. K-State Media Release

K-State courses on crime and criminals attract many students and provide information useful in real-life and extreme-life situations. December 21, 2009. K-State Media Release

Paper by K-State graduate student that examines meth-related crimes in the Midwest to be published in criminology journal. December 8, 2009. K-State Media Release

City Heated Over Hotel Materials, Happy with Discovery Center. December 2, 2009. K-State Collegian

Interdisciplinary team of K-State researchers creating tools to show how decisions about Ogallala Aquifer affect people, local economies, and more. November 4, 2009. K-State Media Release

K-State nominates students for 2009 Rhodes and Marshal Scholarship competitions. October 21, 2009. K-State Media Release

K-State Arts and Sciences students win scholarships for summer projects and academic funding. September 16, 2009. K-State Media Release

K-State sociologist finds many aging Kansas farmers don't plan to retire and lack strategies to keep family farms going in the future; rural culture at stake. September 8, 2009. K-State Media Release.

K-State anthropologists chronicle the lives and resourcefulness of Indians in Mount Desert Island from the 1840s-1920s in new book. August 31, 2009. K-State Media Release

K-State senior studies Pagan culture in Kansas City, Lawrence areas to help debunk myths and create understanding about the communities. August 6, 2009. K-State Media Release

Anthropologist Wows Personal Democracy Forum. Whatever. June 30, 2009. Wired Magazine

K-State Web 2.0 Expert tells Hollywood Heavyweights how YouTube is changing media landscape; says to expect more amateur productions, promotions on YouTube. June 23, 2009. K-State Media Release

K-State volunteer center of Manhattan, Community First Bank to present Inspire by Example Awards. April 24, 2009. K-State Media Release

K-State Professor Studies Link between Gender and Stress in Law Enforcement. March 23, 2009. K-State Collegian

K-State juvenile justice study finds rhat in decision to detain youths, family's criminal history, single-parent household matter more for minorities than whites. March 12, 2009. K-State Media Release

Doctoral student turns passion for political involvement into book. March 10, 2009. K-State Collegian

K-State's two newest Gilman Scholars bring University's total to 24. March 6, 2009. K-State Media Release

K-State nominates four students for 2009 Udall Scholarships. March 5, 2009. K-State Media Release

Strategies for HIV/AIDS prevention to be a topic of K-State's Adamchak Distinguished Lecture March 9. March 4, 2009. K-State Media Release

K-State Social Work professor finds that the differences in how male and female police officers manage stress may actually accentuate their stress on the job. February 24, 2009. K-State Media Release

Rural Sociology Class Challenges Assumptions. February 13, 2009. K-State Collegian

Generations tend to want the same amenities, research shows. February 13, 2009. Hutchinson News

National Geographic names K-State's Michael Wesch a 2009 Emerging Explorer. February 6, 2009. K-State Media Release


Professors Discuss Psychology Behind Anonymous Posts; Sites Allow People to be Malicious and Unknown. December 3, 2008. K-State Collegian

Professor Wins National Award for Innovative Teaching
. December 2, 2008. K-State Collegian

Tech: Helps, Hinders Learning, Interpersonal Relationships. December 1, 2008. K-State Collegian

K-State Criminology Student Interns for Brownback. November 19, 2008. K-State Collegian

K-State grad student to be recognized for his dedication to justice
. November 12, 2008. K-State Media Release

Prof., Students Collaborate on Tribute Film
. October 23, 2008. K-State Collegian

Dr Martin Harriet et son épouse Joseph Ottenheimer reçu à Daru Nour. October 10, 2008. N'dzuani-Hebdo

K-State student uses his knowledge of Spanish to assist in the courtroom. September 24, 2008. K-State Media Release

K-State Experiments with Smaller Class Sizes for First-Year Students. September 22, 2008. K-State Media Release

Documentary by K-State professor, students is presented at Oxford. September 11, 2008. K-State Media Release

Digital Ethnography of Maine's Wabanaki Indians by two K-State Anthropologists Available Online at National Park Website. August 28, 2008. K-State Media Release

Magnetic fields used to date Indian artifacts. June 22, 2008. The Wichita Eagle

K-State group ventures back in time, again. June 18 2008. K-State Media Release

K-State cultural anthropologist finalist for Inspire Integrity Awards. May 20, 2008. K-State Media Release

K-State's College of Arts and Sciences honors six faculty with Stamey Awards. May 15, 2008. K-State Media Release

K-State doctoral student receives fellowship to attend institute on youth violence prevention. May 14, 2008. K-State Media Release

K-State's presidential awards recognize excellence in teaching, advising, and administrative leadership. April 29, 2008. K-State Media Release

City officials worry proposed Discovery Center won't meet expections. April 7, 2008. K-State Collegian

Anthropology Teacher Uses Videos to Educate. April 3, 2008. K-State Collegian

K-State students' video assignments make their way around the world, drawing more than a million viewers and even helping students, grads land jobs. March 25, 2008. K-State Media Release

Criminologist discusses gender, urban inequality among African Americans. March 14, 2008. K-State Collegian

Students from K-State taking part in Capitol graduate research summit March 13 at Kansas statehouse. March 5, 2008. K-State Media Release

Klataske Selected as Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. February 28, 2008. K-State Media Release

K-Stater wins scholarship for study in France. February 27, 2008. K-State Media Release

Anthropology Professor’s Experiences unlike Crime TV Shows. February 14, 2008. K-State Collegian

K-State Online Ethnographer is Named to Britannica Editorial Board. February 4, 2008. K-State Media Release

K-State student's interest in ending poverty takes him to elite summit. January 11, 2008. K-State Media Release


MYSPACEBOOK.PAST; Friending, Ancient, or Otherwise. December 2, 2007. The New York Times

Social Workers and Volunteers Give Care to Elderly
. November 30, 2006. K-State Collegian

Memorial for Former Professor Today
. November 26, 2007. K-State Collegian

Analysis of prehistoric pottery earns K-State senior scholarly respect. November 7, 2007. K-State Media Release

Researchers to study impact of biofuels. November 2, 2007. Iowa State Daily

K-State sociologists using Dept. of Energy grant to probe sociological, cultural, and economic impact of ethanol plants in Kansas and Iowa. October 25, 2007. K-State Media Release

Social threats and their influence on court outcomes topic of award-winning paper by K-State doctoral student in sociology. October 3, 2007. K-State Media Release

Noteworthy. September 27, 2007. K-Statement Vol. 30(6)

Will You Marry Me? Say Cheese! September 20, 2007. The New York Times

Watching out: Profile describes Manhattan serial rapist. September 17, 2007. K-State Collegian

Lawrence explores assets as retirement destination. September 16, 2007. Lawrence Journal-World.

Unexpected destination: Rural Kansas town lures retirees. September 16, 2007. Lawrence Journal-World

K-State Student's Master's Thesis Deal With Serial Rapist. September 11, 2007. K-State Media Release

Sociology Professor Dies. August 20, 2007. K-State Collegian

K-State's Gilman Scholar Plans a Latin America Trip. August 8, 2007. K-State Media Release

K-State McNair Scholars to present results of summer research. July 23, 2007. K-State Media Release

Cyberfamilias; omg my mom joined facebook! June 7, 2007. The New York Times

Population expert at K-State says Greenburg faces even more challenges in retaining population after tornado. May 29, 2007. K-State Media Release

Can this town be saved? May 14, 2007. USA Today

Eight K-State Students Deemed 'Extraordinary' by Staff, Faculty. May 9, 2007. K-State Media Release

The 2007 Rave Awards/ the explainer. May 1, 2007. Wired Magazine

K-State's Michael Wesch to be honored with Wired Magazine Rave Award. April 25, 2007. K-State Media Release

Religions Use Sun, Moon to Explain World. March 15, 2007. K-State Collegian

K-State students present research at 12th Annual Graduate Research Forum. March 9, 2007. K-State Media Release

K-State Professor's Web Video to Premiere at National Conference. March 8, 2007. K-State Media Release

Professor Shares Travels, Research with K-State. February 27, 2007. K-State Collegian

Paraguay's Ruling Party Faces Threat of a Populist Bishop. February 27, 2007. The New York Times

Popularity of K-State professor's YouTube video proves its point. February 23, 2007. The Wichita Eagle

K-State bringing employers in law enforcement, social services to campus for career fair March 6. February 22, 2007. K-State Media Release

Technology Imperative in Education. February 21, 2007. K-State Collegian

Professor’s Anthropology Video Becomes One of “Most-Viewed” on YouTube. February 21, 2007. K-State Collegian

K-State Professor Causes, Studies Web Video Sensation. February 16, 2007. K-State Media release

Cultural video becomes international sensation. February 16, 2007. The Capital-Journal

On Enthusiastically Teaching the Relevance of Cross-Cultural Literacy. February 1, 2007. Anthropology News Vol. 48(2)

UF lab tries to answer who, how in mummified baby case. January 27, 2007. Palm Beach Post

Reaching Out: K-State instructor suffers from polycystic ovarian syndrome; informs others with online magazine. January 22, 2007. K-State Collegian

Focus on mental health in aging adults vital, K-State expert says. January 8, 2007. K-State Media Release

Aging in Place. January 1, 2007. K-State Center for Aging Newsletter


Lead Lieutenant in BTK Case to speak to K-State class, be available for media interviews. December 18, 2006. K-State Media Release

K-State student wins yearlong internship with international business in London. December 15, 2006. K-State Media Release

Seasonal Blend. December 8, 2006. K-State Collegian

Playing World. November 30, 2006. K-State Collegian

Social Workers and Volunteers Give Care to Elderly. November 30, 2006. K-State Collegian

Harald Prins Selected as CASE Professor of the Year for Kansas. November 16, 2006. K-State Media Release

K-State Students Teach, Learn During Extended Stay in China. November 15, 2006. K-State Media Release

Professor Speaks About 1st Local Settlers. November 3, 2006. K-State Collegian

Kansas likely to be 'giant retirement community'. October 27, 2006. Lawrence Journal-World.

Aging population a concern for state's future, K-State researcher says. October 23, 2006. The Manhattan Mercury

Graduate Student's Patriot Act Research becomes book. October 19, 2006. K-State Collegian

Exiled professor advocates equality, democracy. October 11, 2006. K-State Collegian

Baby-Boomer Retirement to Benefit College Students. September 12, 2006. K-State Collegian

K-State Graduate Student Pens Book About Patriot Act. September 6, 2006. K-State Media Release

K-State Sociology Professor Finds Dog Training Programs in Prisons are Beneficial to both Inmates and Staff. September 5, 2006. K-State Media Release

Kansas Lining Up with National Trends. August 15, 2006. Harris News Service

Speakers for K-State's Fall 2006 Lou Douglas Lecture Series Include Thomas Frank, Author of "What's the Matter with Kansas?" August 10, 2006. K-State Media Release

K-State Archaeology Dig in Leavenworth County Reveals Pottery, Arrow Points, and the Urgency to Study Sites Threatened by Development. August 1, 2006. K-State Media Release

K-State Field School Excavating Artifacts from 1,500 Years Ago. June 22, 2006. K-State Media Release

K-State Students research the heart of a small town. May 1, 2006. The Riley Countian

K-State Professor Invited to Summer Research Institute about National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect. April 14, 2006. K-State Media Release

K-State's Daniel Aguilar to Present Vernon Larson Lecture. March 21, 2006. K-State Media Release

Professor's teaching style garners praise. March 14, 2006. K-State Collegian

Survey from K-State Sociologists to Gauge Manhattan-Area Residents' Readiness for Population Gain. February 27, 2006. K-State Media Release

Displaying a man's quest for human rights. February 20, 2006. The Manhattan Mercury


CSI K-State: Intersession, Online Sociology Course Profiles, Explores Myths, Truths, Motivation of Serial Killers. December 22, 2005. K-State Media Release

Juvenile probation formats studied. November 9, 2005. United Press International

K-State Sociology Graduate Students Research Improving Probation for Juvenile Offenders. November 8, 2005. U.S. Newswire

K-State's Chapter of Mortar Board Honors Nine K-State Faculty and Staff Members. November 4, 2005. K-State Media Release

Poverty and Politics Scholar to be Next Speaker in K-State's Lou Douglas Lecture Series on Public Issues. October 13, 2005. K-State Media Release

K-State Professor with Award-Winning New Orleans-Based Film Sees Little Progress in Diversity Since the 1960s. September 22, 2005. K-State Media Release

Flooded with the Blues. September 18, 2005. The Manhattan Mercury

TV's arranged marriages. September 1, 2005. K-Statement

Church Impacts Political Activism Among Black Americans, Expert Says. July 28, 2005. K-State Media Release

Nature of Industry Changing Around the World. June 27, 2005. Kansas City infoZine

Kansas State prof surveys area creek for buried treasures. June 23, 2005. Basehor Sentinel

Nature of Industry Changing Around the World, Kansas State University Experts Say. June 16, 2005. U.S. Newswire

Tonganoxie sites nominated by state for national register. June 2, 2005. Lawrence-World Journal