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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Bunny McBride


 Adjunct Lecturer of Cultural Anthropology

  Dept. of Sociology & Anthropology
  204 Waters Hall, Kansas State University
  Manhattan, KS 66506

  Email: bmcb@ksu.edu

A writer with a Masters in Anthropology (Columbia University, 1980), Bunny McBride writes often on cultural survival and wildlife  conservation themes. She is the author of Women of the Dawn (Friends of American Writers Literary Award winner, University of Nebraska Press, 1999), Molly Spotted Elk: A Penobscot in Paris (University of Oklahoma Press, 1995), Our Lives in Our Hands: Micmac Indian Basketmakers(Tilbury House and Nimbus, 1990), and coauthor of Indians in Eden (Downeast Books, 2010). In close collaboration with Native American communities, she curated exhibitions at the Abbe Museum based on these books, as well as the exhibition Journeys West: The David & Peggy Rockefeller American Indian Art Collection.

McBride is also co-author of The National Audubon Society Field Guide to African Wildlife (Knopf, 1995), Asticou’s Island Domain: Wabanaki Peoples at Mount Desert Island 1500-2000 (National Park Service, 2007), and several editions of four major introductory textbooks: The Essence of Anthropology;Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge and  Evolution and Prehistory: The Human Challenge, and a combined 4-field volume Anthropology: The Human Challenge.

From 1978-88 McBride wrote regularly for The Christian Science Monitor, publishing nearly 100 articles in that international newspaper from far-flung points around the globe. She has contributed to many other papers and magazines and has chapters in a dozen books, including Sifters: Native American Women's Lives (T. Perdue, ed., Oxford University Press 2001), Reading Beyond Words (J.S.H. Brown & E.Vibert, eds., Broadview Press 2003), and Northeastern Indian Lives 1632-1816 (R.S. Grumet, ed., University of Massachusetts Press, 1996).

McBride has been an adjunct lecturer of anthropology at Kansas State University since 1996, and from 1981-2002 taught as a regular visiting lecturer of anthropology at Principia College in Illinois. She has also taught at the Salt Institute for Documentary Field Studies in Portland, Maine.

From 1981-1991 McBride and her husband, Dutch anthropologist Harald Prins(KSU professor), did historical research and community development work for the Aroostook Band of Micmac Indians in Maine-resulting in legislation by US Congress granting the band federal recognition and funds to buy back aboriginal land. In 1999 the Maine state legislature gave McBride a special commendation for her research and writing on the history of Native women in the state-an honor initiated by tribal representatives in the legislature.

Currently McBride is completing From Indian Island to Omaha Beach (coauthored with Harald Prins). She serves as board member and President of the Women's World Summit Foundation, based in Geneva, Switzerland.





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