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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Marta Alfonso-Durruty

Alfonso-durruty in the lab

PhD Anthropology, State University of New York, Binghamton;  MA Anthropology, University of Nevada Las Vegas; Professional Degree in Archaeology, Universidad de Chile;  BA Anthropology and Prehistory, Universidad de Chile.
Associate Professor, SASW Department,  Kansas State University, Waters Hall 008,   Manhattan KS 66506, Phone: (785)532-4982, email: alfonsod@ksu.edu

A native Chilean Dr. Alfonso-Durruty researches prehistoric human remains from Chile. In her studies, Dr. Alfonso-Durruty examines the health status and degree of environmental and social adaptation of past populations. Dr. Alfonso-Durruty  is particularly interested on the effects of diet on health,  the health consequences of the transition to agriculture, gender and social status differences, and the degree of 

Dr. Alfonso Durruty is a National Geographic Explorer (since 2015), and it is an international collaborator on several research grants in Chile. Her current research projects are on:  1) genetic origins of prehistoric and living Native groups from Fuego-Patagonia, Chile, 2) the peopling of the Atacama Desert, 3) dietary diversity and changes in prehistoric groups from the semiarid region of Chile, and 4) Dietary changes in prehistoric groups from Northern Chile. 

Dr. Alfonso-Durruty is the bioarchaeology Associate Editor of Revista Argentina de Antropologia Biologica, and is also an Editorial Board Member of Magallania,  and Chungara.

Selected Publications (last 5 years. Click here to request copies

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Alfonso-Durruty MP, Gayo EM, Standen V, Castro V, Latorre C, Santoro CM, Valenzuela D. 2019.Dietary diversity in the Atacama Desert during the Late Intermediate Period in northern Chile. Quaternary Science reviews 214: 54-67.

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Alfonso-Durruty MP, Giles BT, San RomanM, Morello F. 2017 Assessment of an East-West phenotypic variation in body height, body form and body mass among prehistoric  hunter-gatherers of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Chungara 49: 623-634.

 Alfonso-Durruty MP, A Troncoso, P Larach, C Becker, N Misarti. 2017. Maize (Zea mays) consumption in the southern andes (30º-31 º S Lat.): Stable isotope evidence (2000 BCE–1540 CE). American Journal of Physical Anthropology (early view): 1-15.

Alfonso-Durruty MP, Valeggia C. 2016.  Growth strategies among the Qom indigenous children of the Argentine Gran Chaco. American Journal of Human Biology 28: 895-904.

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Becker LC, Alfonso-Durruty M, Misarti N, Troncoso A, Larach P. 2015. Estudio isotopico de la diesta en contextos prehistoricos del Norte Semiarido. Boletin del Museo Nacional de Historia Natural 64: (in press). 

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