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Lab Safety Manual

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Laboratory Close-Out Procedures

Laboratory Chemical Cleanouts

Departments are responsible for ensuring chemical cleanouts of laboratories are done prior to the primary researcher leaving the university.  This will maximize the safety of KSU faculty and staff and ensure accurate and complete labeling of chemicals is completed. Disposal costs for unknown or poorly managed chemicals will be charged to the responsible department.              

A laboratory cleanout is defined as the removal of a large number of chemicals (greater than 30).  A cleanout can be the result of:

  1. a researcher retiring from the University
  2. a researcher moving to another laboratory or University
  3. construction being done within the laboratory
  4. numerous excess or expired chemicals need to be removed from the lab

Complete the Lab Cleanout form two months prior to needing disposal of chemicals. The form includes contact information for the lab and an inventory of all chemicals to be picked up. This should be done by the principal investigator or researcher assigned to the lab. 

EHS will schedule a review and sorting date and a pickup date for all chemicals.