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SAE Aero Design Team

SAE Aero Design Team

SAE Aero is an extra-curricular engineering design team organized and led by students. All K-State students are invited to join our team, and no experience is required. 

The team's objective is to design and build a remote-controlled model aircraft to fly with a maximum payload for competition. Two of these competitions are held in the United States each year. Teams of college students from universities all over the world compete at these competitions.

In addition to the competition aspect, we also take pride in being a part of a team and developing friendships. SAE Aero allows us to utilize our skills and knowledge outside of the classroom. Our project encompasses all aspects of engineering, including organization, designing, building and testing. We learn about aerodynamics, aviation and model aircraft in a fun and challenging way.

Tuesdays at 6pm

Darius McAdam

Faculty Adviser
Terry Beck