Selected Highlights from the Agenda

Day 1: Tuesday, April 14th

  • Case Study exploring Value at Risk, Probability of Outcomes, Severity of Outcomes and understanding exposure to risk. Led by Dr. Ansley Chua, Department Head and Associate Professor, Department of Finance, Kansas State University
  • Case Study illustrating quantifying commodity price risk, hedging with futures and options, price vs. basis risk, differentiating hedging and speculating. Led by Dr. Elizabeth Yeager, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University
  • Networking Social and Dinner

            Dinner Speaker Chad South, NGL Broker, Liquidity Partners


Day 2: Wednesday, April 15th


  • Case Study focused on evaluating outcomes of hedges, comparing hedging to forward contracting, advanced hedging strategies with swaps, OTC products. Led by Dr. Brian Coffey, Assistant Professor and CRMER Director of Executive Programs, Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University
  • Panel Discussion with Q&A: Regulatory Compliance in Hedging Activity

           Regulatory Perspective: Charles Marvine, Deputy Director & Regional Administrator, US CFTC

           Private Firm Perspective: Representative from The Redwood Group

  • Working Lunch Discussion: Financing a Hedging Program, Led by Nick Warren, President of Regional Banking, Commerce Bank)
  • Interview and Q&A: Perspectives on Financial Risk Management in the Food Industry, featuring Dhamu Thamodaran, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief Commodity Hedging Officer, Smithfield Foods
  • Team Project


Day 3: Thursday, April 16th


  • Debrief
  • Introduction to the K-State Center for Risk Management Education and Research
  • Introduction to future Risk Management Education for Executives conferences
  • Developing a Comprehensive Risk Management Plan, Led by Tim Andriesen, Managing Director of Ag Products, CME Group)
  • Networking Lunch to End the Conference