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Center for Risk Management Education and Research

2014 Student Profiles

Kurtis Clawson

Kurtis Clawson | Satanta, Kan. | Agricultural Economics, Agronomy

This opportunity of being a CRMER Student Fellow will broaden my knowledge of risk in the business place. Managing risk is a focal point in today's business leader's job description as it is vital for businesses to be most profitable. Also, I hope to gain new networks of professionals and students that will be beneficial to me in my future endeavors.

From this experience, I hope to learn all about the agriculture risks and what is done to minimize them. Growing up on a farm in southwest Kansas, I learned that managing your risks is very important for success and continued operation. I would like to expand on this pre-existing knowledge. Also, beyond agriculture, I would like to learn all aspects of CME and NYSE; how they function and operate.

Kassie Curran

Kassie Curran | Farlington, Kan. | Food Science, M.S. Agricultural Economics 

I am interested in a variety of topics related to food economics, but I hope to specialize in research of consumption determinants and trends. This discipline will continuously be faced with many forms of risk and I must be able to identify sources of risk, understand those risks, and analyze solutions to those risks.

The Center for Risk Management Education and Research at Kansas State is fitting for my career interests as I move forward in my studies of the relationships between the production and consumption of food. The experiences in this program promote critical thinking and provide exposure of the many risks involved in the agriculture and food industries, which is beneficial as I move forward in my career studying consumer behavior and trends.

Will Longinaker

William Damme-Longinaker | Randolph, Iowa | Agricultural Economics

I have heard many good things from previous Student Fellows as well as faculty regarding the Center's opportunities. I am looking forward to being able to contribute to the work that the CRMER does.

I hope to gain a better understanding of the many ways that risk is taken into account and managed during the decision making process across a broad spectrum of businesses.

Joe Dasenbrock

Joseph Dasenbrock | Dodge City, Kan. | Economics, Psychology

Being a Student Fellow of the Center is an excellent opportunity to interact with real-world risk managers. Interaction of this type is invariably beneficial, it puts the things I learn in class into a practical context.

I want to develop a useful mental model of how the management of complex risks is approached. My studies in the excellent Psychology department here at K-State give me a unique perspective of decision making under risk situations.

Thomas Einck

Thomas Einck | Marion, S.D. | Finance

I have a strong interest in risk management and all that it entails. As more companies become global, risk management will become increasingly important. The opportunity to learn from industry experts is very exciting. The opportunity to take advantage of a relevant program that not many universities have is too good to pass up. I am looking forward to helping build a young program that future students who share an interest in risk management will be able to benefit from.

I am a current member of the Student Finance Association at K-State. I am on track to get a minor in Economics by the time I complete my undergraduate studies. My educational goal is to get an MBA with a concentration in Finance.

MaryLynn Griebel

MaryLynn Griebel | Stockton, Kan. | Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

I am most looking forward to the opportunity of being a CRMER Student Fellow so that I may gain exposure to a wide variety of industries and learn the different risks associated with each. I am also looking forward to the opportunity to meet professionals working in these industries and learn from their knowledge and experience.

I hope to learn how I can use my education in Industrial Engineering to manage risks in different areas throughout my professional career.

Jonathan Higgins

Jonathan Higgins | Lenexa, Kan. | Finance, Accounting

I am excited about being a Student Fellow because it gives me a chance to meet and connect with experienced industry professionals, as well as an opportunity to apply my knowledge to a risk management research project.

I have a real passion for both our university and understanding and managing risks. The idea of learning more and promoting the K-State brand at the same time really excites me.

Shelby Hill

Shelby Hill | Satanta, Kan. | Agricultural Economics, Animal Science and Industry, and earning a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics

I look forward to the different research and networking opportunities and working with peers from different backgrounds and interest areas. Also, working with the industry and getting “out-of-the-classroom” experience to gain a better understanding of risk management and how it can be applied to the agricultural industry.

Gerald Mashange

Gerald Mashange | Bulawayo, Zimbabwe | Finance and Economics

As an individual that plans on pursuing a career in investment management, being able to participate and learn from industry leaders in risk management will provide me with practical knowledge in assessing and managing risk in my future endeavors.

My aspiration is to start up my own firm one day. A combination of leadership and practical skills are going to be vital in ensuring my success. Besides the standard academic curriculum provided by the university, I felt that the opportunity of learning industry skills outside the classroom would be immensely advantageous as I would develop the ability to independently assess risk over a wide array of industries.

Mario Ortez

Mario Ortez | Nicaragua | Agribusiness, M.S. Agricultural Economics

I have had a passion for agriculture my entire life. I strongly believe it is necessary to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to the real world situations; CRMER will provide a great platform for this application. The more I have increased my awareness of risk management, the more I see its value in the competitive and rapidly changing environment of agriculture.

I believe the interaction with industry professionals and other agriculturalist offered through this program will enhance my skill set and provide me with the tools necessary to be a successful professional in our dynamic environment. From this innovative experience, I hope to improve my quantitative and analytical skills to identify and successfully manage risk, with a specific interest in the agricultural industry.

Laura Rogers

Laura Rogers | Clyde, Kan. | B.S. and M.S. Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

The Center will provide a unique experience to develop risk management skills through activities and experiences provided by industry partners. This learning goes far beyond what could be learned through a class setting, and will undoubtedly be invaluable.

I hope to learn risk-mitigating techniques across many industries, and to gain risk management skills that could be used complementary to industrial engineering skills.

Brady Rundel

Brady Rundel | Colby, Kan. | Agricultural Economics, minor in Business

I’m really looking forward to the opportunity of working closely with professors and industry partners in a real-world, hands-on learning environment. I choose Kansas State University because the professors are some of the best in the industry. As students, we get four (maybe five) years to capture a fraction of the knowledge and experience they bring to the table. Opportunities such as this are a chance for more. I’m also looking forward to learning from our industry partners and gaining from their perspective. I am interested in the approach they take towards different types of risk and tools they use to manage their position during volatile times.  

Nathan Stinson

Nathan Stinson | Allen, Kan. | Agricultural Economics

Risk is a very important aspect of the agricultural industry. The uncertainties of prices, yields, weather, and global markets are some of the greatest sources of risk. As a CRMER Student Fellow, I am looking forward to the opportunity to engage in events that will allow me to increase my awareness of issues that are affected by risk. I am also looking forward to further my professional development by interacting with industry leaders.

Jason Troendle

Jason Troendle | St. Charles, Minn. | Agricultural Economics

This is a new and promising opportunity to engage with other students who are excited and desiring to engage themselves and those in the industry. I am excited for a growth promoting atmosphere where we have the chance to learn and explore.

I hope to learn how what we do in the classroom connects with the business world, and about what risk actually looks like and how companies manage it.

Lacey Ward

Lacey Ward | Superior, Neb. | Agribusiness, M.S. Agricultural Economics

Risk management is an area I am greatly interested in yet haven’t had much exposure to in the classroom. I am looking forward to working with companies that put what we will be learning into practice. Last summer, I was a grain merchandising intern with Gavilon, LLC, so I am hoping to work with them more, as well as the other partner companies.

I plan to pursue a career in commodity trading, and risk management is a prominent aspect of that industry. I’m excited to learn about techniques and tools that I will be able to apply in my future career.

Nick Wineinger

Nicholas Wineinger | Lincoln, Kan. | Agribusiness

At the Center for Risk Management Education and Research I am looking forward to working with industry on a real life risk management problem and helping to develop a creative solution in collaboration with my team members.

As a Student Fellow I would like to learn how different agribusiness firms view and handle their risk so that I obtain a broader perspective and make more informed decisions in my future career.