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Center for Risk Management Education and Research

Partnership Opportunities

The Center for Risk Management Education and Research invites industry partners to support the Center’s continued development through monetary donation and active participation in the Center’s engagement opportunities. The financial support and engagement from our industry partners will:

  • Provide fellowships to the most highly qualified undergraduate and graduate students
  • Be used for student educational experiences such as webinars, subscriptions, fees, and travel
  • Provide program support for development, communications, student recruitment, and executive workshops
  • Support faculty for Center management, curriculum development, and executive education efforts

By becoming an industry partner with the Center, you and your organization will:

  • Help shape the goals, activities and desired outcomes of the Center
  • Provide direct input into identifying risk management student educational needs and helping to design strategies to meet the needs
  • Receive periodic summary updates on program developments and accomplishments
  • Assist in educational experiences of the students, including:
    • Conducting invited guest lectures
    • Providing internships
    • Networking with the students and faculty
    • Participating in student applied research projects addressing a risk management issue of importance to your firm
  • Participate in Center executive educational conferences and workshops at reduced costs
  • Assist in the development of a truly novel educational program designed to address an acute industry in need of well-trained risk managers

We are currently looking for two levels of partnership:  executive- and supporting-level partnerships.  For more information, please contact us.

Make a gift online via the Kansas State University Foundation. For more information about ways to support the Center, contact Emilie Fink at emilief@found.ksu.edu or 785.532.7571.