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Center for Risk Management Education and Research

Industry Partners & Support

The success of the Center for Risk Management Education and Research depends not only on the student and faculty resources of its academic department partners, but it also depends on the support of industry stakeholders and risk management thought leaders, including our established industry partners.  The Center's founding partners have made its development and inception possible.  Continued financial support, as well as educational assistance and guidance, will help sustain the Center on three dimensions:

  • Student Development: supports undergraduate and graduate research fellowships, internships, travel requirements, and workshop/seminar fees;
  • Program Support: aids in providing staff to manage student records, managing Center information, recruiting new students, supporting external guest speakers, equipping classrooms and labs with technology, and facilitating internal and external communication; and
  • Faculty Support: ensures recruitment and retention of faculty who can direct the Center, guide its research, teach courses, and provide executive training.

Support the Center

K-State is at the threshold of a bold new vision:  We will become a top 50 public research university by 2025.  As a member of this elite group, K-State will be a powerful economic driver for growth and development by generating new knowledge and producing graduates who will impact Kansas, the nation, and the world.

Philanthropic support from loyal alumni and friends, who share a passion to see K-State advance, will be crucial in reaching this transformational goal.  Your generous gifts not only help sustain our university as a vibrant, thriving institution, but they also pave the way for new university-led endeavors, such as the Center, to take shape and make their mark on the world.

If you are interested in supporting the Center for Risk Management Education and Research, either individually or as an industry partner, please view our partnership opportunities or contact us for additional information.

Make a gift online via the Kansas State University Foundation. For more information about ways to support the Center, contact Emilie Fink at emilief@found.ksu.edu or 785.532.7571.