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Office of Risk and Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is registering travel through the travel registration tool required for reimbursement to occur?

Travel registration is mandatory and travelers who fail to register their travel may face disciplinary action, which could include their travel reimbursement not being approved.

2. If I have multiple trips planned to the same country, do I need to register the travel each time?

If you know the dates ahead of time, you can register the travel once with the additional dates.  If you don’t know the dates of future trips, please register each trip.  

3. Can I attach my itinerary instead of answering all the questions?

You should complete all questions so we are able to track the answers. You can still attach your itinerary for added information.

4. Due to COVID-19 plans may change, how precise do dates need to be?

You should submit your planned dates of travel as precisely as possible.  

5. Are out of state forms still required per each departmental rule?

Yes, you will still be required to submit out of state forms.

6. When travelers mix personal and business travel, how does the new policy work for the personal part of the travel?

You should include personal deviations dates in your travel registration.  Please indicate the specific personal deviation dates in the notes section of your registration.  

7. I have two travelers that received IRWAG approval on April 4th, their actual travel isn’t till July 30-August 31st. Will they need to go out and register as of May 17 for this particular one? Also, how will the department travel liaison be notified that the traveler has completed the Registration, will we get an approval email?

The travelers won't need to register again. They have received IRAWG approval and we have the documentation saved in a folder. Our office will work with IRAWG to add the already approved travel exemption forms into the new registration tool.

The traveler will need to forward the automated email notification to the department travel liaison. The notification informs travelers they need to forward to liaisons.  

8. How can I change or update my dates of international travel?

  • Send an email to comply@ksu.edu.
  • Subject line should read: International Travel form Dates Update
  • Body of the email should contain the new dates of travel, and a brief statement indicating the reason for the change.

9. Does travel insurance provide quarantine coverage?

Yes, but with limited coverage. Please see summary of benefits.