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Office of Risk and Compliance

Risk & Compliance Council


  • Cross-functional group of risk owners who reports to executive sponsors.
  • Identifies risks that impact mission-critical activities and develops strategies to mitigate harm and capitalize on opportunities.

Core principles
The Council will be guided by the following principles.  

  • Focus on risks that impact K-State’s mission and strategic goals.
  • Collaborative and holistic approach to managing risks.
  • Integrate risk awareness and risk-based decision making throughout all levels of the university.  
  • Prioritize the most serious risks in terms of perceived impact on the university’s strategic goals and mission.
  • Risk areas have responsible risk owners.
  • All risk cannot, and should not, be avoided or eliminated.  
  • Perceived risks must be balanced against risk control costs, and that some level of risk should be tolerated. 
  • Provide reliable information to President’s Cabinet to inform decisions that impact the university.

Risk & Compliance Council Members  
Council members include representatives from the following departments and units. 

  • AVP, University Risk & Compliance Officer – Elliot Young (lead)
  • Vice Provost, Student Success – Jeannie Brown Leonard
  • Assoc Provost, Institutional Effectiveness –
  • Provost Executive Assistant - Lynn Carlin
  • Assoc AD Athletics Business Operations – Jim Bach
  • Diversity & Inclusion – Zelia Wiley
  • Director Financial Services - Fran Willbrant
  • Human Capital Services – Shanna Legleiter
  • AVP, Research Compliance - Cheryl Doerr
  • Director, Student Life – Andy Thompson
  • AVP student auxiliary services – Derek Jackson
  • Chief Information Security Officer – Chad Currier
  • AVP, International Programs – Grant Chapman
  • Global Campus – Karen Pedersen
  • Director, EHS – Christina Aguilera
  • Chief of KSUPD – Ronnie Grice
  • Office of General Counsel – Erin Good
  • Assoc Dean Polytechnic Undergraduate Services – Terri Gaeddert
  • Olathe – Lindy Eakin and/or Andy Stout
  • Director, Campus planning – Diana Hutchison
  • AVP, Facilities – Casey Lauer
  • Dept Communications & Marketing – Cindy Hollingsworth
  • KSU Foundation – Christy Scott, Katy Walradt and/or Greg Lohrentz
  • Alumni Affairs – Brad Sidener
  • Extension – Gregg Hadley
  • Registrar – Kelley Brundage
  • Vice Provost, Enrollment Management – Karen Goos


The Council will meet at least quarterly, and more frequently, if deemed necessary.  Non-council members and subject matter experts may be invited to attend meetings as needed.