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PreAward Services

1601 Vattier St.
02 Fairchild Hall
Manhattan KS, 66506

785-532-5944 fax

PreAward Services (PAS)

PAS provides a full range of assistance to faculty, staff, and administrators in obtaining and administering funding from non-university sources to support K-State's creative and scholarly activities. 

Contact PAS personnel for assistance with:

  • Ensuring that subsequent applications or proposals for funding are developed in accordance with funding agency criteria
  • Proposal preparation, including budget development, preparation of forms, editing, review (i.e., comparison with funding agency guidelines and requirements, compliance with University and Board of Regents policies and procedures, and state and federal regulations)
  • Final electronic document submission through various official portals 
  • Preparation and negotiation of grant and contract documents with funding agencies
  • Gathering information and solving problems with other campus units, such as purchasing, accounting, personnel, etc.
  • Obtaining campus approvals
  • Questions regarding all aspects of non-financial research administration
  • Post-award administrative issues such as extensions of the project duration, rebudgeting, change in scope, and other project modifications
  • Preparing and negotiating subcontracts for those projects containing this requirement
  • Finding past history of proposal submissions and awards or finding informational reports

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