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Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization (KSU-IC)

The Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization is dedicated to the start-up and expansion of technology-based, high-growth enterprises and enabling the commercialization of university and under-utilized corporate intellectual property. Our organization helps entrepreneurs commercialize intellectual property emanating from basic research at Kansas State University by providing:

  • Opportunity assessment;
  • Strategic partnership design;
  • Technology acquisition, management and licensing;
  • Business development; and
  • Technology transfer support activities.

Read on for more about our capabilities, history, and achievements. Contact a member of our team for details, or visit our Industry Collaboration portal to find more information about partnering with K-State. 


KSU-IC specializes in the following. 

Assessing opportunities

  • Intellectual property evaluation and risk assessment

  • Market assessment

  • Readiness to market

Designing strategic partnerships

  • Bridge cultural differences between corporate, university and government entities

  • Identify and facilitate relationships with corporate and financial partners

  • Partner with small and large companies and individuals, locally and globally

Facilitating technology transfer

  • Acquire intellectual property

  • Joint development of strategic intellectual property

  • Manage, by contract, corporate and university portfolios

  • Portfolio marketing

  • Perform technology transfer support activities

Building successful enterprises

  • Business startup

  • Business services

  • Concept design and development

  • Marketing assistance

  • Recruitment of management team

  • Facility identification and management

  • Startup capital assistance

Read more about the history and achievements of KSU-IC.