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2017 Petfood R&D Showcase

The 2017 Petfood R&D Showcase focused on exploring opportunities for whole and specialty grains in pet food. Please view and presentations and research posters below:


Alternative Co-products Streams from Grains used in Pet Food Applications (pdf), Dr. Greg Aldrich Research Associate Professor and Pet Food Program Coordinator, K-State

Energy Analyses and Use of Novel Grains used in Pet Food Applications (pdf),Dr. Sajid Alavi, Professor, Grain Science and Industry, K-State 

Harnessing Cereal Crop Diversity for Improved Health (pdf), Dr. Davina Rhodes, Assistant Professor, Department of Agronomy, K-State

Using Grain-based Diets to Maximize Pet Food Safety (pdf), Dr. Cassie Jones, Associate Professor, Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, K-State

Kill-step Validation for Food Safety (pdf), Dr. Kantha Channaiah, Director of Microbiology, AIB International 

Life from the Trenches (pdf), Dr. Scott Beyer, Associate Professor, Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, K-State 

Student Research Posters

Evaluation of Carriers for Use in Supplemental Nutrient Premixes in Pet Food and Animal Feeds (pdf), B. Pontious, G. Aldrich, S. Smith

Evaluation of Thermal Resistance of Chlorine Stressed and Rugose Phenotype of Salmonella with Normal Smooth Morphology at Different Growth Phases (pdf), Janak Dhakal

Comparison of Four Digestibility Markers to Estimate Fecal Output of Dogs (pdf), I. C. Alvarenga, Z. Ou, G. Aldrich

An Evaluation of the Protein Quality of Various Protein Sources from Chicken, Whey, and Soy Concentrates Commonly used in Pet Diets and Select Human Performance Foods (pdf), M.E. Morts, G. Aldrich, C.K. Jones, S.R. Beyer

Introducing New Profit Streams for Grain Sorghum: Milling Characteristics and Inclusion Consideration for Use in Pet Foods (pdf), I. C. Alvarenga, G. Aldrich

Effect of Miscanthus Grass as a Dietary Method to Aid Hairball Control in Cats (pdf), R. A. Donadelli, G. Aldrich

Effects of Diets Containing Sorghum Fractions on Digestibility and Antioxidant Capacity of Dogs (pdf), I. C. Alvarenga, G Aldrich

Effects of Distillers Dried Grains on Processing Parameters of Extruded Dog and Cat Foods (pdf), S. Smith, G. Aldrich