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Global Food Systems


The Global Food Systems Initiative welcomes additional partners both on and off campus. Below are ways to get involved.

  1. Join an advisory team meeting (check our events calendar for dates and times) 

  2. Attend research events or tell us about your events so we can list them on the research calendar

  3. Tell us about your projects

  4. Invite a speaker to your class, department or lab meeting, or other gathering: Contact Maureen Olewnik at molewnik@ksu.edu

  5. Make an appointment with the Office of Research Development to review interdisciplinary funding opportunities: Call 785-532-6195 or email molewnik@ksu.edu or ord@ksu.edu

  6. Volunteer to host a grant development seminar or workshop for your research team or department: Call 785-532-6195 or email molewnik@ksu.edu or ord@ksu.edu