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Sample projects

Zero hunger

That’s one of the Global Goals world leaders want to achieve by 2030. To get there, we need a generation of ambitious, idealistic, and savvy leaders who can work together to solve the world’s food problems.

If you want to do the work the world needs today, Kansas State University can get you there. Every discipline offered at K-State can help you play a role in the global food system, and many degree programs and research efforts are entirely focused on some aspect of it.

A sample of projects related to global food systems is below. We'd love to feature your work; please share it with us.

  • Hungry Heartland: A food desert project was a collaboration among faculty and students in art, English, and journalism and resulted in documentaries and photography. View sample documentaries.  

  • It's All About Water is a monthly series of talks designed to share K-State research across disciplines; find videos of past presentations.