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Office of the Vice President for Research
102 Anderson Hall
Manhattan KS, 66506


Inter-Institutional Alliances

The Institute for Academic Alliances (IAA) at Kansas State University was founded in April 2004 to provide just-in-time assistance to higher education institutions who seek to capitalize on multi-institution programming and shared services. The IAA has a proven record of bringing together faculty members, academic deans, graduate deans, continuing education deans, registrars, finance officers, system administrators and industry advisory boards to forge shared strategies for serving students. IAA is the change catalyst for multi-institution connections.

The IAA helps higher education institutions collaboratively offer shared services and deliver online academic programs in high demand fields to expand their outreach, attract diverse students, and stimulate faculty and broaden their ability to reach out to students and each other.

The IAA provides the following services:

  • market research;
  • needs assessment;
  • competitor analysis;
  • program prioritization and feasibility analysis;
  • partner identification;
  • project planning, development and management, and consortium management;
  • multi-institution data management; and
  • external funding identification.

The IAA specializes in fostering policies and practices that support state and regional alliances. The IAA staff facilitates the work of collaborative groups focused on business and marketing plans, curriculum development, program approval, program assessment, and student services.

Some examples of interinstitutional programs that IAA has helped develop:

If your project involves multi-institutional programming and shared services, IAA can assist with proposal development, project management and evaluation, data management services, and development of policy & practices that support multi-institutional distance education programming.

For more information, contact IAA at 785-532-1999 or email Dawn Anderson, Assistant Director for Research and Special Projects at dpeters@ksu.edu.