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Developing Scholars Program

The Developing Scholars Program (DSP) offers underrepresented students opportunities to conduct research projects with faculty mentors. Students receive academic, social, and financial support while participating in this program to help retain them in K-State's baccalaureate program and to interest them in seeking graduate and professional degrees.

Students are recruited from across campus as well as from groups with established external recruitment programs such as MANRRS, the Multicultural Engineering Program, and Bridges to the Future. Students are paired with a faculty mentor who works with the student to develop a research project in the student’s academic interest area. While working on their projects, students receive a stipend to help with their financial support. They also participate in:

  • a seminar teaching them about research and how to conduct it,
  • group meetings, and
  • an annual poster symposium to present their research.

Students can remain in the program for up to three years. Learn more about the program.

DSP can be tied into your proposal by including funding in your budget to cover the semester stipends for one or more DSP students for the research project portion of this program. You and/or other members of your research team would also agree to be a DSP mentor helping a DSP student find a research project that both addresses an aspect of your proposed research and fits into the student’s interest area. The contact for this program is Anita Cortez, DSP director, at cortez@k-state.edu or 785-532-5864.