Researchers in a greenhouse

Food and Agriculture Systems Innovations

K-State researchers will work with producers to transform, sustain and adapt food and agriculture systems worldwide to create jobs here in Kansas and bring billions in national and international investment to the state.

Working with producers to transform, sustain and adapt food and agriculture systems worldwide


42% of the state economy is tied to ag

Economic growth and job creation

K-State attracts investment leading to new job opportunities for Kansas graduates through profitable business solutions for the food and agriculture system. Forty-two percent of the state economy is tied to agriculture, and keeping even more of the food system chain in the state is critical for the Kansas economy. K-State also educates and trains both current professionals and students who want a career in Kansas agriculture.


Profitable, regenerative and sustainable food and agriculture systems

Expert interdisciplinary teams will go beyond simply sustaining Kansas food and agriculture systems to help meet the entire world’s challenges and opportunities. K-State researchers will increase food and agriculture producers’ profits and improve plant and animal health through:

  • Reduction of diseases and pests. Food and feed safety and nutrition.
  • Soil health.
  • Water and air quality.
  • Water availability.
  • Biodiversity under climate change.
  • Other emerging food system challenges.


Disruptive technology and innovation

Generating knowledge to shape new technologies will continue to be a key mission for K-State. K-State will build the skilled and digitally competent workforce our state needs through industry partnerships, cross-disciplinary research, new degree tracks and targeted industry training programs.


Better health for Kansas citizens through nutritional security

A healthy workforce is essential to a growing economy. K-State will continues to lead the way to nutritional security for Kansans. K-State’s food and agriculture expertise will enable Kansas food systems to deliver nutritious food options, strengthen protein production, advance precision nutrition, enhance nutrient diversity and reduce food waste and loss.

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