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Parents may have questions about their student’s experience while attending Kansas State University. Answers to some frequently asked questions are listed below and on the pages under the ‘students’ tab at the top of the Office of the Registrar website. Please note that this information is directed toward students. The Office of the Registrar may be contacted at 785-532-6254 or registrar@ksu.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I access my student’s academic records at K-State?

The university is required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) to protect student privacy with regard to educational records.  Thus, disclosure of educational information is prohibited to anyone other than the student without the student’s signed, written consent (pdf) to do so or without proof of dependency (page 1 of your most recent tax return).

Kansas State University may disclose Student Directory Information without the student’s signed written consent. Student Directory Information at Kansas State University includes:

  1. Name
  2. Local address and telephone number
  3. Permanent address
  4. E-mail address
  5. Date and place of birth
  6. Photograph or likeness
  7. College
  8. Curriculum
  9. Enrollment Status (full/part-time)
  10. Classification (e.g.,  freshman, sophomore, etc.)
  11. Dates of attendance at K-State
  12. Awards and academic honors
  13. Most recent previous educational institution attended
  14. Participation in officially recognized activities and athletic teams
  15. Height and weight of student athletes

Students access grades via the K-State Student Information System (KSIS).  The simplest way for a student to share grade information is to order a transcript to be mailed to the student’s parents after grades post at the end of each term. Current students can order transcripts in KSIS at no charge.

How can a student obtain residency for fee purposes?

The laws and regulations regarding residency for tuition and fee purposes are established by the Kansas Legislature and the Kansas Board of Regents.  The basic rule regarding residency for tuition and fee purposes is based on the student’s ability to demonstrate they (or their parents, if the student is a minor) have lived in Kansas more than one year (12 months) while not being enrolled during that time and they intend to stay in Kansas indefinitely.  Someone who comes to Kansas to go to school and who is a full-time student has to overcome a strong presumption that they are only here temporarily for the duration of their educational program. The responsibility for enrolling under the proper residency status is placed on the student. For further information about residency for fee purposes contact:

Admissions for new students:  k-state@k-state.edu

Graduate School for graduate students:  grad@k-state.edu

The Office of the Registrar for continuing students:  registrar@k-state.edu


Kansas Board of Regents Residency Rules and Regulations

Kansas Board of Regents Residency FAQ

How can a student verify attendance at Kansas State University?

Verification or proof of enrollment is requested by many entities, including scholarships, insurance companies and loan companies.  A student may choose from the following options to obtain the required documentation verifying enrollment status at Kansas State University:

  1. For a self-certification, a student can visit the KSIS home page to access the KSIS Student Center. Click on the “other academic” drop down box and choose “enrollment verification” to complete the reques
  2. Complete the Request for Verification of Enrollment (pdf) and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.
  3. Visit 118 Anderson Hall with a photo id to have one printed.  The Office of the Registrar is open Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm. 

Please keep in mind, a student's original signature is required when requesting a Verification of Enrollment.  If a request is needed for multiple entities, then please submit one form per recipient.  To fax a Verification of Enrollment, there is a $5.00 charge within the continental United States.

Where can a student go to update demographic information?

Some information can be maintained by a student through the student information system, KSIS, while other information is maintained only by the Office of the Registrar. The following list will help guide a student in making changes to demographic information:

    Information that may be changed in KSIS


Information changed by visiting the Office of the Registrar (118 Anderson Hall) with Information Change Form (pdf) and Supporting Documentation

-          Addresses

-          Phone Numbers

-          Preferred Name*



- Primary Name*

- Marital Status

- Gender

- Date of birth

- Social Security Number


*For further information on the different types of names, please visit the Name Information FAQs on the Office of the Registrar website.

Further questions?

Please contact the Office of the Registrar for all matters related to student records.

For additional information, the following offices also may be able to assist you: