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Students for Environmental Action (SEA)

Students for Environmental Action (SEA) is the leading group on campus focusing on aspects of sustainability, environmentalism, recycling, outdoor adventures, and public outreach and education. This includes many events, such as Game Day Recycling, Fake Patty’s Day Recycling, and the annual Earth Day festival. Our goal is to constantly strive to improve the conditions of our planet and to get people engaged, excited, and educated. SEA commonly has speakers to give insight into our campus’ sustainable efforts, practices in industry, and worldwide environmental conditions.

SEA has plenty of club events that include activities such as camping, canoeing, and craft making. SEA is a vibrant club, with closely connected members and a strong desire to reach out to others.

SEA is open to all majors and includes members from nearly every college. We usually meet every Tuesday at 6:00 pm in the Leadership Studies Building.


President: Emma Pettay, epettay@ksu.edu

Vice President: Christopher Hatch: cdhatch@ksu.edu

Secretary: Natalie Wolf: nmwolf@ksu.edu

Faculty Sponsor:  Gerry Snyder: gnsyder@ksu.edu


Website: http://www.k-state.edu/SEA

Facebook: "SEA - Students for Environmental Action at K-State"