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Department of Psychological Sciences

Department of Psychological Sciences
Kansas State University
492 Bluemont Hall
1114 Mid-Campus Dr North
Manhattan, Kansas 66506-5302

785-532-5401 fax


The laboratory is equipped with four Mac Minis to allow multiple participants to be run simultaneously. We also have two Power Macs dedicated to modeling, stimulus preparation, and analysis conducted by lab research assistants.

Experimental stimuli range from simple text strings to movies, thus enabling us to examine a range of experimental issues. Game programming is done using Torque's game engine.

Computational modeling is usually done in Mathematica and R, flexible platforms for mathematical modeling and graphical output of the results. Lab personnel are actively engaged in the development and testing of psychological theories; many of our analyses increasingly involve quantifying the nonlinear relationship between experimental variables using techniques like neural networks, nonlinear curve fitting, and nonlinear mixed effects modeling.

The EEG part of the lab is equipped with an EGI 64-channel EEG system for brain wave research.