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Department of Psychological Sciences

Department of Psychological Sciences
Kansas State University
492 Bluemont Hall
1114 Mid-Campus Dr North
Manhattan, Kansas 66506-5302

785-532-5401 fax

Research conducted in the Young Cognition Laboratory

My primary lines of research fall into the area of judgment and decision making, especially in complex dynamic environments (typically, video game tasks).  My active program of research involves impulsive and risky choice, but I also am actively examining new quantitative methods for describing complex behavior.  Please consult my vita for a sampling of recent publications to better understand the scope of projects currently being pursued in my laboratory. 

Doctoral tudents in my laboratory are free to pursue a variety of topics that intersect with my areas of expertise.  These topics have included EEG and error processing, the impact of difficulty/effort on choice, reinforcement learning, solicitation and use of advice, creativity, categorization of objects based on their motion, time discrimination, and evaluation of statistical methodologies.