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Department of Psychological Sciences

Patrick Knight, Ph.D.

knightContact Information

Office: BH 411

E-mail: knight@ksu.edu

Research Interests

Dr. Knight's current research focuses on the general issue of psychological commitments to various organizations and activities, and how these commitments affect workers' behaviors both on and off the job. Recent research has examined commitments to work and school, work and church, part-time vs. full-time commitments, among others. There is a sizable group of students and faculty pursuing the issue of multiple commitments, and undergraduates who are interested in this area would have no problem getting involved.

Dr. Knight is also involved in research examining the process by which people make decisions to seek part-time employment. A model of this decision process has been developed and a series of studies testing the model are underway.

Dr. Knight encourages any student who believes that he or she might be interested in these topics to contact him. Assistants would be involved in designing research and developing research materials, running experiments, and helping with data analyses.