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Department of Psychological Sciences

Jerome Frieman, Ph.D.

Jerry FriemanContact Information

Office: BH 417

Phone: 532-0607

E-mail: frieman@ksu.edu

Jerome Frieman (PhD Kent State University, 1969). Dr. Frieman has started his phased retirement. He is no longer actively involved in research, but he will continue to teach, advise, and assist students.

Research Interests

His research included social learning in dwarf hamsters (Phodopus campbelli) and golden hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus), operant conditioning in pigeons and dwarf hamsters, and Pavlovian conditioning in rats.

Recent Publications/Presentations:

Frieman, J., & Reilly, S. (2015). Learning: A Behavioral, Cognitive, and Evolutionary Synthesis. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications.

Tarner, N., Frieman, J., & Mehiel, R. (2004). Extinction and spontaneous recovery of a conditioned flavor preference. Learning and Motivation, 35, 83-101.

Lupfer, G., Frieman, J., and Coonfield, D. (2003). Social Transmission of Flavor Preferences in Two Species of Hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus and Phodopus campbelli). Journal of Comparative Psychology, 117, 449–455.

Student Involvement

Dr. Frieman is no longer supervising graduate students.