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Department of Psychological Sciences

Gary L. Brase, Ph.D.

braseContact Information

Office: BH 448

Phone: 532-0609

E-mail: gbrase@ksu.edu

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Adaptive Reasoning and Decisions Lab

Research Interests:

Dr. Brase's research is concerned with evolutionary approaches to understanding the nature of human rationality. His research, in terms of traditional areas within psychology, is at the intersection of cognitive psychology (reasoning, judgments and decision-making) and social psychology (interpersonal relations, social perception, and persuasion). Additional information about research and publications is available on the Brase lab website.

Student Involvement

Dr. Brase’s philosophy for working with undergraduate students is to begin by immersing students in ongoing projects so that they become familiar with the procedures and ideas involved in the lab. Students who find that they enjoy and excel at research can then move on to research projects on topics related to their own interests (if they are not already doing so).

Undergraduate students who are interested in working on research topics such as those described above can apply to be a research assistant in Dr. Brase’s lab. Undergraduate research assistants are involved across the range of research activities, from reading and discussing relevant articles, to designing, preparing, and carrying out experiments, to analyzing the data, writing up the results, and presenting it at a conference or submitting it for publication. Completion of Experimental Methods (Psychology 350) is strongly encouraged before starting as a research assistant.

Dr.Brase can be contacted by email (gbrase@ksu.edu) or phone (785-532-0609) for more information about opportunities in his lab.

Additional Information

Dr. Brase received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He and his wife Sandra have two children, Alex and Emma. He enjoys cooking and traveling.