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Department of Psychological Sciences

John P. Hutson

John Hutson

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Advisor: Lester Loschky

Contact Information:

Office: Bluemont Hall 586

E-mail: jphutson@ksu.edu


Broad: perception, attention, comprehension, memory, problem solving, human-computer interaction 


Scene Perception & Event Comprehension: event comprehension, film perception and comprehension, attention and eye movements in scenes

Visual Cueing in Computer Assisted Instruction: visual attention in problem solving, the role of visual cueing in problem solving 


Hutson, J. P., Smith, T. J., Magliano, J. P., & Loschky, L. C. (In press). What is the role of the film viewer? The effects of narrative comprehension and viewing taskon gaze control in film. Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications.

Loschky, L. C., Hutson, J. P., Smith, M., Smith, T. J., & Magliano, J. P. (In press). Viewing Visual Narratives Through the Lens of the Scene Perception and Event Comprehension Theory (SPECT).  Submitted to J. Wildfeuer, A. Dunst, & J. Laubrock (Eds.), The Empirical Study of Comics, Routledge.

Young, M.E., McCoy, A.M., Hutson, J.P., Schlabach, M., & Eckels, S. (2016).  Hot under the collar: The impact of heat on game play.  Applied Ergonomics. 

In Preparation and Under Review:

Hutson, J. P., Smith, T. J., Magliano, J. P., & Loschky, L. C. (Submitted). Eye-Movements during Film Viewing: Which sorts of top-down processes guide gaze? Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications 

Hutson, J. P., Magliano, J. P., & Loschky, L. C. (In Prep). Understanding Moment-to-moment Processing of Visual Narratives. 

Hutson, J. P., Smith, T. J., Magliano, J. P., & Loschky, L. C. (In Prep). Working Memory Span and Film Comprehension: Effects on High-Level Inference Generation. 

Wu, X., Hutson, J. P., Loschky, L. C., & Rebello, N., S. (In Prep). Visual Cuing in Conceptual Physics Problems: Effects on Problem Solving Accuracy.