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Department of Psychological Sciences

Tianjun Sun, Ph. D.

Sun headshot

Contact Information

Office: BH 422
E-mail: tianjunsun@ksu.edu

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Research Interests 

Dr. Sun’s research primarily focuses on the study of individual differences, psychological measurement, and using quantitative methods and advanced technology as tools to improve personnel selection and solve organizational problems. Specifically, Dr. Sun is interested in faking, bias, and big data/machine learning applications in selection, as well as bright and dark personalities, vocational interests, and social behaviors of job candidates and employees. Methodologically, Dr. Sun studies item response theory, structural equation modeling, and multilevel modeling. On the applied side, Dr. Sun has had broad experience working in the consulting, testing, and tech industries and in the areas of people analytics, learning and testing, and talent assessment.

Representative Publications 

(Underline denotes student collaborators. Please see CV for most up-to-date information.)

Li, M., Sun, T., & Zhang, B. (2021). autoFC: An R package for automatic item pairing in forced-choice test construction. Applied Psychological Measurement. Advance online publication.

Sun, T., Zhang, B., Cao, M., & Drasgow, F. (2021). Faking detection improved: Adopting a Likert item response process tree model. Organizational Research Methods. Advance online publication.

Zhang, B., Luo, J., Sun, T., Cao, M., & Drasgow, F. (2021). Small but nontrivial: A comparison of six strategies to handle cross-loadings in bifactor predictive models. Multivariate Behavioral Research. Advance online publication.

Zhang, B., Sun, T., Cao, M., & Drasgow, F. (2021). Using bifactor models to examine the predictive validity of hierarchical constructs: Pros, cons, and solutions. Organizational Research Methods, 24(3), 530-571.

Sun, T., Fraley, R. C., & Drasgow, F. (2020). Matches made with information: Fitting measurement models to adult attachment data. Assessment. Advance online publication.

Zhang, B., Sun, T., Drasgow, F., Chernyshenko, O. S., Nye, C. D., Stark, S., & White, L. A. (2020). Though forced, still valid: Psychometric similarities between forced choice format and single statement format. Organizational Research Methods, 23(3), 569-590.