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Department of Psychological Sciences

Behavioral Neuroscience/Animal Learning Recent PhDs

NameYearAdvisorTitle and Institution
Marshall, Andrew2016Dr. Kim KirkpatrickPostdoc, University of California Irvine
Arndt, David2016Dr. Mary CainPostdoc, Northwestern University
Spieldenner, Jessica2012Dr. Jerome FriemanChair, Department of Veterinary Technology,
Westchester Community College
Gill, Margaret2010Dr. Mary CainPost-doctoral Research Associate, Medical
University of South Carolina in the Department
of Neuroscience
Deehan, Gerald2009Dr. Stephen KieferPost-doctoral Research Fellow, Indiana
University School of Medicine at the Institute
for Psychiatric Research
Higley, Amanda2009Dr. Stephen KieferResearch Psychologist, University of California
San Diego/VA Health Services