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Department of Psychological Sciences

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award


The purpose of these awards is to acknowledge and recognize outstanding graduate teaching assistants for their contributions to the teaching mission of the Department of Psychological Sciences at Kansas State University.


To be eligible for this award, each candidate must:

  1. have been responsible for teaching-related support (for example, leading discussions, grading, tutoring, recitation, and so forth) as part of their graduate teaching assistant employment,
  2. have contributed above and beyond the general expectations of the position,
  3. have not previously received this award.

Nomination and Criteria

The department’s awards committee solicits nominations from faculty and graduate students at the beginning of the spring semester.

Application Due Date: January 15th. Applicants must submit the following materials to the chair of the department’s awards committee in electronic format as email attachments.

  • Cover letter (one page maximum) describing the student's intent to apply for the Psychological Sciences Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award and highlighting the student's contributions to teaching-related support above and beyond the general expectations of a GTA position. Cover letters may, optionally, include supporting documentation of outstanding teaching-related support. This letter must be co-signed by the student's faculty advisor.
  • Letter of support from a Psychological Sciences faculty member, not to exceed two pages.

This award may be received by an individual graduate student only once during her/his tenure at the university. For the purposes of this award, the awards committee will focus on the teaching accomplishments from the immediately preceding calendar year. Multiple awards, or no awards, may be made for any given year.