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Department of Psychological Sciences

Recent PhDs

NameYearAdvisorTitle and Institution
Behavioral Neuroscience   

Arndt, David

2016Dr. Mary Cain

Postdoc, Northwestern University

Marshal, Andrew

2016Dr. Kimberly Kirkpatrick 

Postdoc, University of California at Irvine

Spieldenner, Jessica

2012Dr. Jerry FriemanChair, Department of Veterinary Technology,
Westchester Community College
Gill, Margaret2010Dr. Mary CainAssistant Professor, North Central College
Deehan, Gerald2009Dr. Stephen KieferPost-doctoral Research Fellow, Indiana University
School of Medicine at the Institute for Psychiatric
Higley, Amanda2009Dr. Stephen KieferResearch Psychologist, University of California
San Diego/VA Health Services
Ringer, Ryan2018Dr. Lester Loschky

Post-doctoral Fellow, Wichita State University,

C-NAP Center

Peterson, Jared2018Dr. Lester Loschky

Researcher, Army Research Institute (ARI),

Leavenworth, KS

Hutson, John2018Dr. Lester LoschkyVisiting Professor in Psychology, College of Wooster
Adair, Lora2015Dr. Gary BraseAssistant Professor, Lyon College 
Dillon, Haley2015Dr. Gary Brase

Adjunct Professor, Dominican College (and SUNY 


Higenkamp, Heather2015Dr. Gary Brase

Qualitative Specialist, iModerate Research


Rai, Manpreet2014Dr. Richard HarrisAssistant Professor, D'Youville College (New York)
Hill, Trey2013Dr. Gary BraseAssistant Professor, Fort Hays State University
De La Garza, Bernardo2012Dr. Richard HarrisAssistant Professor, University of Texas at
Freeman, Tyler2012Dr. Lester LoschkyManager, ICF International
Larson, Adam2012Dr. Lester LoschkyAssistant Professor, University of Findlay
Daugherty, James2011Dr. Gary BraseResearch Psychologist at the Army Research
Institute in Fort Leavenworth, KS
Park, Jisook (April)2011Dr. Gary BraseAssistant Professor, Fort Hays State University
Raddatz, Kimberly2011Dr. Richard HarrisHuman Factors Engineer, Sprint Corporation
Vowels, Christopher2008Dr. James ShanteauResearch Psychologist, US Army Research
Elgin, Peter2007Dr. John UhlarikHFI (Human Factors International) 
Ricketts, Mitchell2007Dr. James ShanteauAssistant Professor, Northeastern State University (OK)
Tran, Tuan2006Dr. Richard HarrisHuman Factors Researcher, Sprint Corporation
Cady, Elizabeth2006Dr. Richard HarrisProgram Officer, National Academy of Engineering
in Washington, DC
Crow, Jan2006Dr. James ShanteauMarketing Department, Kansas State University
Jackson, Alex2016Dr. Patrick Knight

Assistant Professor, Middle Tennessee State


Krome, Lesly2016Dr. Patrick Knight

Program Analyst, College of Education, Kansas

State University

Weyhrauch, Will2016Dr. Satoris Culbertson

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow/U.S. Army

Research Institute for the Behavioral

and Social Sciences

Frizzell, Rebecca2015 Dr. Patrick Knight Research Psychologist, Department of Health and Human resources
Waples, Christopher 2015 Dr. Patrick Knight Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Van Ittersum, Kyle2015Dr. Clive FullagarAssistant Professor, Angelo State University
Gopalan, Neena2011Dr. Ronald DowneyAssistant Professor, University of Central Missouri
Smith, Michael2011Dr. Ronald DowneyAssistant Professor, Southern Illinois University
Brunner, Jason2010Dr. Patrick KnightDirector, Institutional Research and Effectiveness,
College For Financial Planning in Greenwood
Village, CO.
Mills, Maura2010Dr. Clive FullagarAssistant Professor, Hofstra University
Rupayana, Disha2010Dr. Clive FullagarResearch Scientist, Skillsurvey, Inc.
Linsner, Sarah2009Dr. Clive FullagarBehavioral Analyst, PeopleAnswers in Dallas/Fort
Worth, TX
Egleston, David2008Dr. Clive FullagarAssistant Professor, Lawrence Technological
Steele, John2008Dr. Clive FullagarMerchandise Planning Manager, Target, MN
Wefald, Andrew2008Dr. Ronald DowneyLeadership Studies Assistant Professor/Academic
Advisor, Kansas State University
Sanders (Comer), Cheryl2007Dr. Patrick KnightSenior Researcher, Assessments, Starbucks in
Bentonville, AR
Gill, David2007Dr. Ronald Downey 
Lundstrom, Joel2007Dr. Patrick KnightVice President of Student Services, Manhattan
Area Technical College
Mutschink, John2007Dr. Patrick KnightExecutive Director, Human Resources, Maxim
Integrated, San Jose, CA
Watson, Kelley 2007Dr. Patrick KnightSenior Director of Human Resources, Applied
Materials, Santa Clara, CA
Schnabelrauch-Arndt, Chelsea2016Dr. Laura BrannonAdjunct Faculty, Fort Hays State University
Jeter, Whitney2016Dr. Laura BrannonAssistant Professor, Fort Hays State University
Sonnentag, Tammy2014Dr. Mark BarnettAssistant Professor, Xavier University (Cincinnati)
Strain, Megan2014Dr. Donald SaucierAssistant Professor, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Barlett, Natalie2013Dr. Mark BarnettVisiting Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College
Hockett, Jericho2013Dr. Donald SaucierProfessor, Washburn University
McManus, Jessica2013Dr. Donald SaucierAssistant Professor, Carroll College
Nettelhorst, Stephen2013Dr. Laura BrannonAsistant Professor, Southeast Missouri State University 
Webster, Russell2012Dr. Donald SaucierAssistant Professor, Penn State Abington

Chu, Po Sen (Mark)2011Dr. Donald SaucierAssistant Professor, Western New Mexico State
Smith, Sara2011Dr. Donald SaucierLecturer, Washburn University
Pilling, Valerie2008Dr. Laura BrannonEvaluator, Office of Educational Innovation and
Evaluation, Kansas State University
Bartel, Jeffrey2006Dr. Mark BarnettAssociate Professor, Seton Hill University
Conner, Amy2005Dr. Laura BrannonResearch and Evaluation Specialist, Manhattan
Ogden USD 383 School District