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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Promotion and Tenure Checklist

Submit only the approved university promotion and tenure document request for probationary faculty.

*Please use these dates as a guide for suggested deadlines.

Refer to the University Handbook for specific policy-related dates.  


Candidate prepares application materials and submits file to Department Head/Chair. (C111, C151)
Mid Sept
Department Head/Chair solicits letters from outside reviewers. (C112.2, C152.2)
Oct 5
Documents made available for review by department faculty. (C112.1, C152.1)
Oct 19-Oct 31
Department faculty meet to discuss tenure and promotion (at least 14 days after documents made available to faculty.) (C112.3, C152.3)
Faculty may ask to meet with candidate. (C112.4, C152.4)
Faculty submit recommendations to department head/chair. (C112.3, C152.3)
Nov 9
Department Head/Chair submits recommendation and documents to Dean. (C112.5, C152.5)
Department Head/Chair's recommendation is forwarded to candidate. (C112.5, C152.5)
Dean forwards documents to College Promotion and Tenure Committee. (C113.2, C153.2)
Dec 1
College Promotion and Tenure Committee reports findings to Dean of College. (C113.2, C153.2)
Dec 8
Dean notifies candidate and Department Head/Chair of college and Dean's recommendations. Candidates may withdraw within seven days. (C113.3, C113.4 C153.3, C153.4)
Dec 19
Dean submits documents and recommendation to Deans Council of those candidates who have not withdrawn. (C113.3, C153.3)
Feb 6
Deans notify candidate and Department Head/Chair of the Dean's council recommendation.  Deans Council provides written report to candidate, department Head/Chair and Dean if finding differs from that of the college. Deans Council sends recommendations to the Provost. Candidates not recommended by the Deans Council have fourteen days to appeal to the Provost.(C114.1, C154.1)
Feb 27
Provost sends recommendations for tenure and promotion to President. (C114.4, C154.4)
Mar 13
Provost informs candidates of decision. (C115, C155)