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Office of the President

Multicultural Center Planning Group

Group Survey Responses

Student groups, faculty and staff groups, and departments and units responses to the following questions:

  • How do you see this center benefitting Kansas State University's students, faculty and staff, and the university as a whole?
  • What else should the center's planning group consider?
Organization, group or unit

How do you see this center benefitting Kansas State University's students, faculty and staff, and the university as a whole?

What else should the center's planning group consider?

9:30 LEAD 405

This would provide the action behind K-State's platform of being a "family" by showing they truly care about

people of other cultures. We say we do, but are there programs that are showing that? It would be an attractive

trait to incoming students & or would provide support for them to graduate. If it's providing comptenecy courses,

then people will become more engaged and aware of different social justice issues.

Future areas for the definition of multi-cultural to expand
Academic Assistance Center Student AmbassadorsIt's important for all students to feel like they are part of the K-State Family, and this will be a great way to help make connections and provide a safe space to celebrate differences. 
American Society of Civil Engineers  
Asian American Student UnionThis center can be used as the foundation of what K-State can become. With this center, the focus would be on the students with all the services & support that are/will be provided. This center can be used as a marketing tool, as we are one of the least diverse campus (according to Phillips 66), to recruit & retain diverse students and faculty and staff. As we increase the diversity, the campus may even receive donations from corporations because they see that we are trying to make K-State diverse. Not only that, but the center could be seen as a nucleus (the forming of activity and growth) for campus. Due to the ever changing society, this center can be the center that never sleeps; always improving, always thinking, always doing. K-State is doing so much for society (with the research and educating students for their future job) that they don't take the time to educate the students on human relations, culture, and differences that make all human beings the same. If K-State wants to continue this 'family' culture, they need to know that family doesn't necessarily mean, relation by blood, color, by paper. Family puts each other first and help during the hard times; not push the obstacle to the side and say, "We'll deal with you later." The longer we prolong this discussion without any action, there will be a crack in the system/culture.A redesign of the center. A champion. A name that mostly all affinity groups can agree on. How to get students, faculty & staff, alumni, the community on board with the idea. Proper staffing.

Tackle the tough questions now because tiptoe-ing won't help the situation.

Asian American Student Union

Following through on the office of diversity efforts for a multicultural student center restores student, staff and faculty faith at Kansas State University, its administration and the Kansas State University Foundation. 

The Multicultural Student Center will not be the end-all-be-all for the diversity. However, it will be a giant leap forward for K-State and will convey the dedication of the office of diversity, the university, and its administration in supporting the success, growth and development of underrepresented populations

Asian American Student UnionI think that we need that type of center to support all of multicultural organization. It is so limited to work on event for diversification without any collaboration or support from others.I feel like still distance among different organizations, and I did not know anything about the center until I take this survey. So, the center put little more effort to let other organizations know more. Also, settle environment where all organization can help and corroborate more easily. 
Beta Upsilon ChiUniting non greek and greek life through our open events, as well as giving men and alternative to the ordinary greek lifestyle. 
BiologyNot at all. A waist of tax payers money. Money should be spent on education and research, not prayer, meditation, "underrepresented", social justice, etc. Should support all KSU students and faculty irregardless of race, color or creed. "Social justice" one persons social justice is another persons injustice.Closing the center and saving KSU some money and resources.
Black Faculty and Staff Alliance

- Actual physical building for multiculturalism is important to K-State, instead of a little room tucked away in the union. 

- The center will become a vehicle to safety and communication; opens the door to feel comfortable. Represents other cultural group

Black Student UnionThe center would serve as a guaranteed second home/ safe space for underrepresented students on campus. It would also become a place for those not well versed in diversity and inclusion to be enriched and prepared for the work force. Efforts to retain and graduate underrepresented will be centralized (academic and financial) which would result in more paralleled statistics. Recruiting efforts of ethnic faculty could also be improved through this center. The multicultural center could also host our Black Alumni Weekend and other ethnic alumni reunions as well which would encourage diverse alumni giving.  As it relates to the point of informal spaces, the planning group should consider having more reception specific spaces for when speakers, corporate partners etc. visit. (High tables like in the welcome center.) Offices would also be nice for the four core MSO groups to use, similar to those that SGA currently has. We should also consider a conference room for formal meeting space as well as a large lecture room. (Town Hall, Multipurpose.) The building should look and feel like it's a place backed by culture and ethnicity as well as the landscape. (MLK Bust at Ahern, Specific brick markets for NPHC Greeks, memorials to prominent alumni etc.)
Black Student Union
KSU Bakery Science Club
This center will greatly benefit the K-State community. I feel that it will give all students equal  opportunity for success.They should consider if building this center will effect tuition rates.
Business collegeIt helps to promote the diversity awareness 
CBA  I perceive there is a good deal of diversity activity in individual colleges.  How will this add to what they are doing? Will efforts and resources be duplicated?
Center for Intercultural and Multilingual Advocacy (CIMA), College of Education

I think this center should strive to create a safe-space, above all else, to students of underrepresented groups, while also welcoming ALL students into an environment where they can grow in cultural competence, explore diverse thoughts and beliefs, and meet a variety of individuals with differing ideologies. Of course, it should also provide a welcoming environment to ALL faculty, staff, alumni, and visiting potential K-State students.

This center should in no way shape or form, exclude any student group from campus; rather, the space needs to be a home away from home of sorts, where any student or faculty or staff or visitor can feel part of something bigger, upon setting foot in the center.

Chinese Language and Culture CubA center like this would help anyone find a place to be comfortable and advance cultural appreciation and understanding of its importance in our lives today. Also, having a hub for all multicultural organizations to meet, organize events, and foster collaboration. Make sure to be aware of architectural traditions of different cultures for the design of the center.
College of Arts and Sciences - Diversity CommitteeIt will be a physical manifestation of the University's stated commitment to diversity.1. Physical access (ADA)

2. Hours of operation

3. Staffing

4. Safety

5. Please see the previous plans, do not let all the work that has already been done be wasted.

College of Business Administration

Personally, I think it is not necessary.  We have the student union.  I feel that we are almost promoting segregation through designating special places for multicultural students.

I would be more supportive of a Student Learning Resource Center for all students of special needs to include first generations, multicultural, military, physically challenged, anyone who has special circumstances or needs and might need additional resources, tutoring, support.  I think it would be helpful for such groups to have a sort of one-stop shop for help. I think this would be a much more brad and beneficial resource for students.

The needs of the students.  Is a multicultural student center to help promote discourse, engagement, and better inclusion for students?  Or will it be a place for the multicultural students to be more separated from the larger campus community?

I think this is something that should be considered.  We want to advance relations and understanding among all student populations to support global connectivity.  How will a multicultural student center help this?

College of Business Administration - Career DevelopmentMulticultural awareness and inclusion are detrimental to the success of this university continuing on into the future. Survey students and take into account what the students want from the center.
College of Business Study Abroad AdvocatesIt creates a powerful recruiting and retention tool for multicultural studentsA kitchen space that is large enough for a teaching space for traditional foods
College of EducationCareful planning is critical and communication of the goals of the building is critical. Otherwise, everyone will judge the worth/value of the building against their own set of ideals. We have a student union. So, what is the specific purpose of this new building? It should be to educate and provide learning opportunities for our entire student population.We do not need another student union that divides our student population. We do not need to duplicate services elsewhere on campus, again dividing students. We need focused programming, educational opportunities, and learning opportunities.
College of Vet MedEducate those about different cultures. Create a sense of inclusivity in the community. N/A
Delta Sigma Phi

I don't think this is necessary or a responsible way to spend our money. The multicultural office already has space in the union. Tuition is already high enough and adding to it would make it even more difficult for lower income students to afford school let along another building on campus.

Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

This communicates an active commitment to diversity, and fosters student well-being by providing a location for them to be in community with others with whom they share experiences and common needs.

While all of the items on the list are important, I think that centralizing some functions, like resources for student success, is important in order to use resources efficiently given the precarious nature of the budget at Kstate. 
Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning

The center will be a tangible symbol of K-State's commitment to diversity, inclusion and social justice. With the appropriate space programming, it can be a new type of gathering place for the campus and can support a broad range of student groups.

Dept. of C&I

Providing a safe space for students to engage with others whoa re different than themselves.

Diversity 2025

This would be a specific space that people of different cultures and address issues of intersectionality, social justice, and improving Kansas State University as it relates to the success of its marginalized students. This would be a specific building that would be guaranteed as a certified safe zone, with employees having safe zone training. This space would promote events for multicultural enrichment. 

Defining the need for specific meeting space for faculty and staff. Would this be multi purpose space or small office space like in the career center? Increased transparency as it relates to the progress of the planning behind diversity and inclusion efforts on students between administration and students. The planning group should also consider who will champion the efforts to bring this building into existence and the role of the Associate Provost for Diversity will play.
Diversity for Community Committee ---College of Education

It will be beneficial if this helps support of diversity in belief systems and academic thought/pursuits and the freedom to express them.

Will help create accessible avenues (university policy / "chain of command" process) for students and faculty who experienced discrimination or harassment of any forms. 

Should also provide support, guidance, and protection in making claims.

Will help inform university committee on national, state, and local policy and should be a place that advocates for or is part of creating policy on the local, state, and/or national level.

Ebony Theatre

Providing a safe space for students of color to share their experiences and interact with one another after a day full of microagressions. It's good to be where people can understand what you're going through. Showing prospective students that they are visible and valued here at KState. 

Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leaders

It would provide a place for all types of people that feel like an outgroup, be a part of an in-group. People would learn about why differences aren't bad, you just have to embrace them. More services for retention of underrepresented groups could be held here.

Majority groups may see a place like this as not for them. It may help to explicitly state majority group members are welcome to the center so that they can learn about other cultures/types of people. Just saying inclusive won't be enough.
Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leaders Scholars

We see the Multicultural Student Center having the benefit of creating an open culture on K-State's campus. It's a chance to have a welcoming building where cultures can thrive and build. Everyone will be able to learn about one another and feel as if they are all one "family". If planned correctly, it is an opportunity to bring people of different backgrounds together.

Making sure there are assurances that the majority of campus will be engaged in the site. 
Edgerly Franklin Urban Leaders

Provides education and awareness of present cultures while also giving those of other cultures a comfortable space to express their culture.

Pertain to ALL cultures, not just minorities. 
Education and Personal Development  
English Department Diversity Committee

The center is vitally important to the campus community. Students of color and other minority students (queer students, non-U.S. students, students outside religious majorities, etc.) need a safe space now more than ever given the current climate in the U.S. K-State's investment in this center will not only help create this space but also will demonstrate that its commitment to diversity and social justice is more than platitudes.

This space must be intersectional serving a broad spectrum of non-dominant students, staff, and faculty.


Embracing multiculturalism, students, faculty, and staff with a tangible, physical space is the right and only direction. This has been proposed some time ago and should be a priority. If KSU truly seeks to promote a safe and inclusive environment, establishing the center will move it forward. Work on this front is never done. Students, faculty, and staff need a place where they feel safe now more than ever. In terms of space for prayer, mediation, and wellbeing, welcoming people with various faiths would contribute to this end. It could be extended to and provide space for international students too (even though they have their own building/center) -- maybe replace their center and their existing building could be repurposed. The MCE center could potentially serve as the clearing house for all MCE-related events and programming on campus. As it is now, there are multiple entities promoting events and there is no comprehensive calendar. If events were coordinated and promoted through the center, they would be more accessible to everyone. The center would be the place to learn what's happening campus-wide. I see cultural competency development as a crucial need on the campus. The Tilford Multicultural Competencies are research-based, established, and contribute to moving forward in this area. The Tilford Initiative should be moved to the new MCE center under new leadership. It's all but disappeared and become invisible and forgotten since the original director retired. Integrating Hale's Dow Center for Multicultural and Community Studies could be integrated effectively in the new MCE Center.

The current interim leadership for the Office of Diversity is ineffective and disrespects students. The person should not be involved or have any authority regarding the MCE center initiative. The national search for a permanent person in the position is overdue and needs to happen yesterday.

The MCE center should be student-centered and driven with committed, visionary, caring, and effective faculty and staff collaboration and leadership. 

The center also might consider serving as a support center for first generation students overall.


To be successful it has to be a place that all student go to during their K-State career. It is imperative that it include general classroom space for all different disciplines on campus.  It needs to be a place where discussions are held on a wide range of topics, not just a place for discussions on diversity and inclusions.  It needs to be a place where we emphasize our commitment to underrepresented group but more importantly it needs to unite us and celebrate the multitude of K-State experiences and not just that of a minority groups. 

The multicultural center will be a failure if it is perceived to be the place where minority students are welcome to interact with each other in the absence of other students.  Please make this project bigger than the black student union.  The BSU is a valued part of campus but this can not just be about new building to exclusively house the BSU.   Please make this about all our students, truly make it multicultural and not about select cultures.   


Providing space, resources, and programming around matters of diversity, inclusivity, inequality, and social justice

Faculty - College of Business

A focused facility that provides services specifically related to cultural diversity can only benefit the university as a whole and also reflects the importance of diversity. If we seek to ensure diversity across the campus we should provide the facilities and programs to help all students to achieve their best outcome from their time at KSU.

The needs of such a facility will be extremely varied and perhaps will change considerably over time. I would seek to make the facility as flexible as possible to accommodate a broad range of events and programs. For example, if setup carefully classrooms can be designed to work well as conference/meeting rooms without feeling like an large auditorium. 
FarmHouse Fraternity

I envision this center to be a place where all of the K-State Family can gather and fellowship with one another, having meaningful discussions about the issues that underrepresented communities face and working collaboratively to find solutions to systemic issues here at Kansas State. 

I would like to see this new building as a place for all of K-State's underrepresented family members.  I think that this needs to be a place for multicultural students, LGBT students, religious diversity students, and other groups.
Freedom Alliance

This is a great idea to make campus more inclusive of different cultures, religions, and human experiences. 

More public events on campus and in the community.
Global Campus

Additional space for group meetings - conferences, and casual interaction.  Important to provide conference and guest speaker/workshops for students and staff.

Ensure this is a space that all cultures and student groups are able to use in order to avoid being perceived as a separation of cultures.
Graduate School

It should create the opportunity for significant interaction with US multi-cultural students, international students, and US majority-status students - to have a safe place to learn about and interact with each other.

It also publicly promotes the advantages (professional and personal) of diverse perspectives and how it enriches the K-State community.

People gather around food. A kitchen space (modest, not commercial- just for reheating, etc.) offers much opportunity to learn about cultures and each other.

If the current multi-cultural space in the union would be taken away with a new multi-cultural center, then that student organization space should be accommodated in the new multi-cultural student center.

It would increase the retention rates of multicultural students, their wellness, and services that they have available to better the campus climate for them.


I believe we need a space where everyone can go, minority or not, to learn about other's cultures as well as work together towards a common goal. There should not be a reason for not having a center that is for culture awareness. We as a community need to strive to come together as one people, and a building like this can act as a ground zero for this movement. 


Good way to give students an extra resource


It has been successful in other campuses, and I was actually disappointed to find out that KSTATE did not have a center, a bit shocked actually. How can KState not have a center.


It will finally allow the multicultural students at Kansas State feel more connected than ever if they are able to share a building made for them to feel included.

What multicultural students feel is important to have the building for and any other ideas they might have as well.
Hillel - Jewish Student Organization

There is a need for a heightened appreciation and consideration of diverse cultures on campus.

I would consider making sure that relevant student groups could have secure spaces for their materials, files, etc.  Also, I would recommend limiting the placement of permanent symbols in the building so that it could more dynamically adapt to its users. 
Hispanic American Leadership Organization

The primary values that guide the interactions, decisions and work of faculty and students are respect, passion, diligence, integrity, diversity, innovation, tolerance, and excellence – all of which are embedded in the Office of Diversity’s pursuit of its 10 core commitments and are in line with the ambitious objectives of K-State 2025:

To recruit and retain of historically under-represented student.

To show continued improvement in the recruitment, advancement and retention of a diverse work force.  

To strengthen the ability of the curriculum to contribute to developing cultural competence in students.

To show improvement in the number and types of partnerships utilized to advance diversity and inclusive excellence.

To increase and broaden funding for initiatives that benefit diversity and inclusive excellence at Kansas State University.

To create a climate at K-State in which all university members can thrive.

To increase recognition and celebration of diversity excellence.

To increase leadership, planning and accountability for institutional diversity.

To be recognized among the Top 50 public research institutions for scholarship on diversity.

To be recognized as having one of the best models of multicultural alumni engagement among Top 50 research institutions.

Consider that there is all this discussion of the importance of Diversity Inclusion on the campus and this cultural center is suppose to represent inclusion, yet the diversity office staff who have been involved in this project since the inception, were excluded from serving on the planning group.  

Does this show any value to those who have spent their careers working in diversity at Kansas State

Hispanic American Leadership Organization

This center would benefit K-State's students, faculty and staff, and the university as a whole because the idea of a multicultural center is a great step towards diversity and inclusion within the campus. Current and prospective students will see this center as another great reason why to come to K-State and know they have a safe space to meet with other members of the K-State community as well as a place to expand their social circle.

International students, other minority groups, underrepresented individuals seeking a place to go to study, socialize, and overall get a better understanding of what it means to be inclusive and diverse. 
Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO)

This center will be extremely important. We will no longer have to struggle to find places for our meetings along with the other MSO's. I believe it is important for kstate to get a multicultural center; a spot for our students to feel welcomed. Plus, we are the only school in the big 12 without a multicultural center of some sort.

Who is on the presidential committee for multicultural affairs.
Housing & Dining

Equity & Inclusion is important to ensure that our students/staff/faculty feel at home no matter their background or what defines them as a person.

Ensure that reaching out to other offices like ISSS & LGBTQ center & more on campus to ensure we are meeting needs of multicultural students. Use students as a focus group as well, their input & ideas are valuable for us to understand the needs of others. 
Human Capital Services staff

First, as a symbol that K-State values diversity and supports our students and staff. Second, as a place to carry out the mission (advancing student success, diversity, inclusion, and social justice for the campus community).


meeting and activity spaces for any campus group

Human Capital Services-specifically the offices of Learning and Development and the Office of Institutional Equity

Human Capital Services values the opportunity for input and sees great potential to serve a vast variety of constituents at K-State.  Specifically, here are ways that the center could benefit K-State students, faculty, and staff:

-Serve as a reception/education opportunity for the entire University where all groups are welcome.

-Serve as home base to conduct training events in a space that is neutral, well-received and displays Principles of Community to set the tone through honoring the principles and reflecting that through the programming events.  

-Offers a physical space to liaison between the various groups on campus.

-Provides a space to invite outside speakers in to enhance the cultural competence and value the principles of the community.

-Potentially provides a neutral safe space to host OIE interviews/meetings (depending on the location of the building).

Consider the Office of Institutional Equity as a stakeholder which can be a valuable partner.

Provides a meeting room that also couples as a theater to expose groups to video opportunities to present poetry, music, video, art, etc...that would allow various groups to express culture.

Include a broader definition of multiculturalism and diversity to go beyond race and gender to include sexuality and other communities.

Consider a resource hub/gateway to campus resources which includes a safe place for anyone to get information on where someone could go who is facing difficult/challenging life events and may be intimidated to come forward otherwise.  The resource hub could include information on mental health resources, disability resources, counseling services, Lafene, OIE, etc....  

Consider a reconciliation room where people can sit on the floor and have eye to eye conversations.  The potential exists for it to also be a room of healing which represents an open room...similar to what some indigenous cultures have...which encourages open dialogue without chairs, tables, etc...where there is just a safe space to talk.  It may be similar to the space for prayer, mediation, wellbeing space mentioned above.


Thank you for the opportunity to contribute.

I speak for no organization.

Cultural diversity is an organic occurrence. Having grown up in the inner city of a larger city, exposure to students from rural and small town upbringing is a cultural experience that would not be found in an urban campus. Although my degree is not related to agriculture, and I have no interest in collegiate sports, Kansas State University is a unique experience. For better or worse let Kansas State University be an experience that is unique to its location.

Kansas State University is, at least historically, an agricultural school. Although the campus wants to attract students from all over the country and even the world, often for financial reasons rather than to promote diversity, the agricultural background seems like it should be the central aspect of a multicultural center. I say this as a student from an urban area that will return to an urban area after graduation. I have no interest in farming or living in a rural area, but the exposure to students from small town and rural backgrounds broadened my perspective

Indigenous Alliance

We'd like our Native students to be able to have a space for education and programming. We can imagine, for example, hosting the yearly Indigenous People's Day Conference there. We would like to host Two-Spirit events, film screenings, and have all Indigenous students feel welcome and supported.  We have had difficulty finding/procuring powwow space--if there was a big enough space in the building we would like to host the K-State powwow there.

The Indigenous Alliance sees it as crucial that the planning group consider multiculturalism beyond silo-ed ethnic or racial groups. Gender, sexuality, religion, veteran status, immigration status, etc. have to be a part of the planning conversations. Additionally, we stand on Indigenous ground, so that reality should be key in the planning of the space itself. Haskell's Indigenous gardens are an example of this sort of integration.


I think it would only benefit the multi cultural population of KSU.  Relocating this organization from the Union would reduce the amount of influence they have on campus and separate these students and faculty from the rest of the school.

Where is this building going to go? How would you get people to come to the building who aren't multi cultural?

Individual faculty member in the College of Architecture, Planning and Design, who has been employed by KSU for 37 years, and who is particularly interested in campus planning and design.

If it is located in the Student Union it will be very accessible and well integrated into the life of the campus.  If it is a separate building it will become isolated and not serve very well, unlikely to be visited by the vast majority of the student population, and not be well integrated into the community

Location, location, location.

Kansas State Theatre Organization

The Multicultural Center will benefit K-State students, faculty and staff by allowing people across different cultures to communicate and open up in a safe environment while remaining inclusive. People from all walks of life can come together to share unique insights and develop new pathways for creative thought and critical thinking. 

Kapp Pi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

This building will be flowing cultural hearth for the K-State campus. This building will bring all the diverse groups on campus and collectivize them to increase their retention and academics beyond the standards. This is will show that K-State cares about its multicultural students are willing to make their time here enjoyable and inspiring. This will indeed attract more diversity to K-State and give K-State a great footing on their 2025 goals.

When considering employment for this building please consider applicants that's have been known enthusiasts and doers in promoting diversity on this campus.
KSDB FM 91.9

Give a place for all cultures to co-exist, relate, and share experiences and ideas.  Also, it should be a place to celebrate culture of all races.

The planning group should consider a roundtable of discussion on what the students would like to do.  It would be ideal for ALL cultures to be present in the discussion.  We would also be happy advertising any events, talks, or otherwise on KSDB FM 91.9.  Spread the word about the center to make sure that everyone knows it exists and that it is indeed open to anyone!

K-State First

Having this designated space will make it easier for students, faculty, and staff to interact with each other and engage in more community building and social justice efforts. A space for workshops and trainings would foster a culture of acceptance and appreciation for various cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds while also emphasizing the ways identities are intersectional. It also gives students who are part of multiple underrepresented groups the chance to work collaboratively with those who have similar as well as diverse backgrounds and provide leadership opportunities for them as well. The center would help to create a community centered on student success and support.

K-State Global Campus Diversity Committee  Any center, should it ever be built, must be ON CAMPUS, not adjacent. Building something off campus immediately defines it as less-than-important. If one is convinced that it truly must be, then it behooves all to wait until the time ON CAMPUS accommodation can be made.
K-State Libraries

K-State Libraries is the home to the Dow Center for Multicultural and Community Studies; we had one of the first library-based multicultural centers in a university library in the US. Having this center would give us a partner to further the mission and vision of the center:  to provide a space for students, faculty, staff and the community to explore human diversity, the changing landscape of American demographics, and the impact of globalization and to advance a deep and meaningful understanding of multiculturalism and diversity in order to create mutual awareness, respect and open a pathway for dialog. This center will help K-State with recruitment, retention, matriculation and career opportunities for all students by aiding in the student success multicultural students as well as providing cultural competence opportunities for all. It will also provide a cultural and social venue and a place for multicultural organizations to call home.

Casting a wide net when we think of multiculturalism and inclusiveness; the center's relationship to other entities on campus like the Dow Center, Student Access Center, Center for Advocacy, Response and Education, etc.so that services are coordinated and enhanced, not duplicated; relationship to K-State 2025 and to the land grant mission.

K-State Olathe

Students will:  Build stronger social relationships with various types of people

Learn more about various cultures and individual differences

Understand the importance of healthy and positive social relationships with others


Faculty will: Receive assistance in incorporating multicultural education into their courses

Interact with students on a co-curricular level

Become more aware of students' needs and concerns on-campus


Staff will:  Receive assistance in incorporating multicultural education into their courses

Have opportunities to display their knowledge, talents and individual differences

Become more aware of students' needs and concerns on-campus 

K-State Student Union

Facilities, services and programs for multicultural students are very important to this campus.  On many campuses these are provided in facilities in their Union, or attached to the Union.  The University of Nebraska and the University of Kansas provide nearby examples.  Many of the facilities and services a multicultural student center would provide already exist in the K-State Student Union.  Additional services and facilities needed and identified for multicultural students could be created as an addition to the student union, with existing spaces in the student union readily available to serve the needs of this population.  I feel this is a better solution than a separate, stand alone building on the edge of campus.

An example of a separate center which does not work is the one at the University of Missouri - Columbia.  Such a center has existed for some time, and from what I understand, it struggles to fulfill its mission.  Multicultural students prefer to hang out in one of their two student unions on the Mizzou campus.

Almost $32 million has been invested in improving the facilities of the K-State Student Union.

This investment, made primarily by students, is designed to elevate the already remarkable sense of community shared on campus by students, faculty and staff. Creating additional silos on campus to further segregate the population is to go in the wrong direction. It is very important to support the needs of multicultural students on campus, and can best be done by partnering with the K-State Student Union, sharing the newly renovated spaces and expanding with additional kinds of spaces that are determined as needs.

K-State Wesley

We serve as a ministry to students who are away from their home churches. Everyone is invited to our family of faith, regardless of religious denomination. Our different meeting times provide flexibility to students' and faculty's busy schedules, and we provide several opportunities annually to engage students in community service.

KSU Collegiate Cattlemen's Club

A campus facility where all are welcome is an important potential addition to our campus. 

I believe that fostering a culture of unity, rather than separation, is critical to the success of this venture. 
KSU Veterinary Voyagers

This would be great for the KSU Student body and staff

KSU's Multicultural Alumni Council

We hope that this multicultural center will be a hub to help others explore, learn and educate themselves about people from different backgrounds and allow it to be a safe space for students to engage, interact, and collaborate with one another.

This would be a physical location where the K-State community can experience diversity. It can facilitate multicultural archives and library. It would be a location for multicultural information and directive.

We see the center as a beacon for expression and acceptance of all cultures and a place to showcase that it is our difference that make us great!

This will be a location that allows all multicultural students to gather in a safe environment.


- Multicultural recruitment efforts 

- An angle for how this could be leveraged to gain access to multicultural alum

- Would this center host all multicultural events on campus? How large will space need to be? 

- The planning group should consider dedica

Kuwaiti Student Organization

It is important to the K-State family that all students at K-State have a chance to meet students from other countries or other races/religions/ ethnicities in order to have a better understanding of the world we live in.  The Center can provide a location for students of any minority population to network and support each other in a place of familiarity.  By virtue of having a Center, we send a message to these students that they are important to the family, welcome, and desired here!

The planning group should consider equipping Center's users with strategies and venues to communicate the differences and similarities in races/cultures/ and so on in a way that enlightens the community


It would benefit everyone by having a resource where they can ask questions about differences and be able to see that those differences don't make you any less human.

Accessibility. Making sure the building is not just for able-bodied people.

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

This center will allow the multicultural students to have a space in which they feel as they belong and to show their culture. This multicultural center will allow other students to broaden their perspectives by being able to see and get informed about all the cultures that are here at K-State.

Something that the center's planning group should consider is what will be done to make sure the center is safe for every student to enter. Also computers should be provided for students who wish to do their homework r study in the center. Also have good sized study rooms with smartboard/whiteboards. 


It will provide a big space for the students to be able to gather


It will include diversity.

Malaysian Students Association

Allowing more opportunity for reach out for KState family


That all students have a place where they feel comfortable going and this new center would make others feel more welcomed to join kstate.


Having a multicultural center will provide students, faculty, and staff a social injustice healing space or safe space. This center is not intended to be exclusively for minorities but for everyone to use as a resource. 

EVERYONE is welcome. 


Give students a space that they more not feel welcome in other places. 

Include artwork that shows the diversity wanted in the building; get students to enter art pieces to use
Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related Sciences

It would provide a large space for our organization to meet and host our events. Currently, the MSO is not a sufficient space for all Multicultural organizations.

This center would help promote and spread awareness of cultural differences and just international cultural differences, but domestic.

This center would promote inclusion.

-Concealed weapon's prohibited building 

-Free Printing 

-Free Parking or Parking that's only available to students visiting the center

-A space to promote Agriculture or the STEM areas in which Minorities and Women are underrepresented.  

-A display of a

Mortar Board

I think it would provide for a lot of unique opportunities for growth, development, and the encouragement for diversity on our campus. I think having a space like this to market would be extremely attractive in pursuing unique individuals.

Mortar Board Times available (students may need to meet at night)
Mortar Board  
Mortar Board

While Kansas State has attempted to make strides to be a more inclusive university it can be incredibly difficult as a student who is not in the majority, whether in regards to race, religion or some other prominent cultural aspect, to feel welcome and accepted here. As a minority student, in multiple ways, I see this center serving as a safe place to not only feel accepted and welcomed for being different, but also as a space to educate, inform and build relationships that can be mutually beneficial in creating the "family" K-State wants to achieve. By acknowledging that there are differences, and taking strides to include and represent these populations we can work to retain and even appeal to more diverse populations. The world is a changing place and unfortunately it is easy to feel like the Midwest is falling behind.

I think the only concern I have is trying to make sure this space celebrates and acknowledges differences without making the majority feel as if we are isolating ourselves further.
Mortar Board Senior Honor Society

I see this benefiting K-State as a whole because it will provide a space for the students who often feel marginalized on our campus as well as a safe space for everyone to learn and relax.

Maybe consider how the space could be used to bring minority and majority students together to increase cultural competency and awareness.

Mortar Board Senior Honorary

I think this will show that K-State is dedicated to serving multi-cultural groups and that they have a place at this campus. I think it would make multi-cultural students feel more included and valued on campus.

Mortar Board Senior Honorary

This center could greatly benefit Kansas State University's students faculty and staff by promoting diversity more on campus and getting others involved in various different ways. It would be a place where international students could feel more at home and at ease on campus.

I think what you have thus far is great! 

National Organization for Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

As research has shown, the center will not only bring in more diverse students to the college but will provide a well marked social space for students looking to branch out and meet new people. It will also provide a haven for struggling minority students, especially in this time of political change and upset. It is necessary that K-State step forward and make the statement that they support and welcome ALL Americans, especially in a predominately Caucasian school and state.   

Just as the idea behind the center should be a statement for supporting all Americans, the center itself must support all students at K-State. While drawing and encouraging interaction between diverse minority groups, it must not exclude white students either, otherwise the concept of support and inclusion will be rendered moot. 

National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

A safe place to celebrate diversity. Let's minority students know that they are important to the university with a place they can call their own

How the center is going to be accessed and run. It should be open early and close late. It should be easy to book rooms for events. It should be a space that feels comforting and welcoming. 
Native American Student Assn.

A kitchen available to Native American Student Assn. to make traditional foods in, teach classes on ways to make their foods when away from home that they could share with non-native student, faculty, staff it would promote diversity & understanding. It would help lessen the cultural shock that many new students go through when leaving home for the first time.

If NASA had their own room to display, store, and meet in the group would grow as it would be easier for students, staff, faulty to find them on campus promoting even more interaction between native & non native people. Having this center on campus would awake & attract people to interact with underrepresented populations on campus & therefore promote growing through better understanding.  

A lecture hall with a movie screen where possibly groups could schedule a different diverse movie for free each week from the Library as KSU owns licensing for many multicultural movies for "teaching" purposes that students don't know are event available.  It could work like the International Center's Coffee Hour where different groups present each week which has helped pull people to work together. An additional writing lab with people trained on working with multicultural students as I am finding more & more of our students able to verbalize thoughts but find it hard to put those words down on paper which is a skill you need to succeed. We have the writing lab in ECS, but another one would help.  A social media specialist to help the groups with their websights, twitter, facebook, ORGSYN etc. as many groups still struggle with this.

New Student Services

Our staff had the opportunity to share feedback through email and we also set aside time during a staff meeting to discuss the survey. Our team agreed that having a Multicultural Student Center would be an important symbol of the commitment to and support of a diverse student population. We feel that the Center would be important in demonstrating to prospective students and families our commitment to multicultural student success and support for historically underrepresented students to promote college graduation/student success. 

The Center could serve as a physical representation of the collaboration between campus entities and provide an opportunity for students, faculty and staff to work together on interdisciplinary projects around cultural competency, community outreach, social justice, diversity, and inclusion.

Our team discussed the value of having a "safe space to land" for multicultural students. Between space for student organizations to work, events that could be hosted for the campus community, and even classroom space to draw students to the Center as a destination, we feel that important efforts to connect students, faculty and staff could be realized.

Prospective students often ask for reassurance that they will find students "like" them. For multicultural students, this feeling of connectedness is especially important. We feel that having an informal gathering space would provide this space for students.

Our team expressed that they have had families with multicultural students ask about our multicultural student center. Families have expressed disappointment that we do not offer a stand alone physical space. We feel "behind" our peers.

I see it bringing about awareness and respect for munticultural students as well as bringing resources to those who feel uncomfortable with the tense society we are currently seeing. 

Include outdoor gathering areas for students and consider the street relationship because that is a very busy and sometimes dangerous intersection.
NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architecture Students

The center would give a place for minority students to go and meet others and have a place where they feel comfortable.

The center's planning group should consider an outdoor space adjacent to the center, where different activities can be held to display to the different aspects of different cultures.

Finally some place where Minorities feel safe. 

Look into what the student center at other universities offer. 

Office of Student Life

I really like the social justice and cultural competency focus.

The Center needs to be incorporated into campus and not outside the campus.

It should represent the full range of diversity. 

It doesn't need to be a large space, but having room for some lectures and events that could manage 100-150 people would be good, as well as space for advisors of MSOs and some smaller meeting rooms would be sufficient. 

Paraguayan Student Association

I see this center benefitting Kansas State by, first of all, being a tangible demonstration of support towards minorities and unrepresented groups, and second of all, by providing a space for minorities to get together and strive in K-State.


People would feel more comfortable and it would promote unity/inclusion within the university.  It would also provide convenience to find rooms or places to meet during the semester/year.

Create a website and provide more information.


Any place that can help students and further their academics, is a place that will benefit the community as a whole

This center should be a place for all K-State students, not just minorities. The whole K-State Family

Plant Pathology Grad Student Club  
Powercat Financial

Encouraging the appreciation and understanding of the diverse student population and connecting the needs of multicultural students to the resources available on campus that can assist in their persistence, retention and recruitment.

Consider what has worked well on other similar campuses and/or what has not worked well for those that have such a center.
Powercat Financial

I think it could be a good place to meet people, be more comfortable as a student at K-State, understand different cultures, and be a positive place for students to relax

Powercat Financial

I can see that it would make people feel more welcome and can be a space for students to find individuals who have the same culture/values as them and also a space for students to expand their horizons (learn about new cultures and meet new people). 

Powercat Financial Counseling  
Psi Chi and/or La Societe Francaise

I think that it could be really helpful with promoting K-State's community-oriented (family) feel, particularly to the students who need it the most (international students, 1st generation students, etc.)

Sustainability (lots of windows, maybe a roof garden, etc).  

It would be nice if students had a place to be assigned/meet with peer-mentors. 

A coffee shop might be a cool idea.


It provides faculty with a space for engaging students around cultural issues.

faculty role and mission in a co-curricular center is not discussed in this survey.  These questions that you have asked me to complete are not related at all to to the classroom duties that are required of teaching or research faculty.  

Faculty needed to receive another survey.  

Consider this.  How will the center's mission be designed (or redesigned) to promote the removal of institutional and individual privilege as it occurs on campus.  Additionally, how will the center be organized to remove campus colonialism  and its systemic vestiges?  Lastly,

how will this center be utilized to equalize system institutional power for under represented students, staff, and faculty? How will it (the Center) remove institutional oppression elements from the K-State campus? 

Thank you. 

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.

It allows us to have an extra space for our organizations to come together as well as use that space for our events. One event in particular is an event that requires us to cook. The kitchen will be beneficial because I know that the union as health regulations that can put an end to an event. Wth the kitchen, it can help put the event to play.

They should consider the hours that it will be open. Study sessions or like "quiet time" because I know a lot of people like to hang out there (which is not bad at all) but sometime you want it to be quiet so you can study.
Sign Language Club

Access to information regarding various multicultural groups

A safe space to discuss issues involving social injustice

Providing awareness regarding issues affecting various multicultural groups

Make sure that not only various ethnic/nationality groups are represented but that people with disabilities as well as  people with various sexual orientation and gender identities are considered.

Smurthwaite Scholarship/Leadership House

It would be good to have a space created specifically in mind of multicultural needs. It would raise the inclusivity level of our university and provide students with the opportunity to learn about people/cultures that are different than their own.

Outreach programs to promote cultural diversity and cultural understanding.
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Kansas State is the only major university in the state that does not have a facility dedicated to multicultural students, while the university itself has one of the largest multicultural student populations. This center would serve as a beacon, to not only students, but the Manhattan community as a whole, that Kansas State welcomes people of all backgrounds. This center will be the face of the mission that K-State has long been about- where bright and brilliant people can flourish to their fullest potential among a community where they can feel at home.

Possibly having specific rooms dedicated to each multicultural club on campus; not necessarily for exclusive use, but just so that clubs can feel like they belong.

Pertaining to statement #5:  I see this center benefiting all students in support, retention and progression, not just minority/and underrepresented.

That everyone should feel comfortable there.

Staley School of Leadership Studies

We see Leadership Studies and a future Multicultural Center as partners with similar and overlapping missions. We will want and need to work together to advance our purposes. Each will benefit the other through teaching, research, and service. Below are some ideas: 

a.Tour the building and incorporate teaching and learning into class with the available resource

s.b.Use the space for facilitated community conversations. Student receptions and celebrations to honor the wonderful work of our undergraduate and graduate students. Partner with the center to create intentional conversations across factions where culture, race, and privilege need to be surfaced.

c.Co-programming: hosting speakers, promoting events. LEAD 350 could liaise with multicultural student organizations for learning opportunities such as the Cultural Plunge, Policy Paper, or CBAR.

d.Fundraising partnership between MCS Center and SSLS - need-based scholarships to support participation in the minor/other programming, faculty lines to attract faculty to K-State, and guest speakers/facilitators that intersect questions of leadership and multiculturalism. Perhaps teach 350 course in new building, Create pipeline for more students to take LEAD 350 through other MCSC programming -Research collaborations - undergrad and grad level - focus on community-engaged scholarship and the role leadership learning and development has on retention/degree completion; should create space and place for civic work to take place on issues related to multiculturalism

e.Partnering w/multicultural student & faculty groups for LEAD class, service learning, & community projects

f.To support programming, to consult on hiring and bring candidates to the Center to learn about our student organizations. To bring students to as they need support and a place to call home.

a.It is my hope that one of the center's priority is to provide cultural competency development programs and events for students, faculty, and staff. If all students, faculty, and staff achieve a certain level of cultural competency, many of the other activities will happen organically.

b.It is all about the programming. That will determine the benefits. Who will come? Who will use the building.

c.Providing a meaningful space for our students of color to feel like they matter. A focal point for many (but I hope not all -- as it is our collective responsibility) diversity initiatives on campus.

d.We need to get with the times. We're the only Big 12 University without a MCC. Without a MCC we continue our neglect of minority students. All of us, students, faculty, and staff need education about minority issues and our minority stakeholders need a place to call home.

e.One benefit that the center will have is expanding our understanding of multicultural learning to include, but not be limited to race, ethnicity, religion, political ideology, linguistic diversity, ability, sexual orientation, etc. I believe the center will benefit K-State by formally recognizing the importance of equity and inclusion of historically marginalized groups on campus. This should create a more vibrant discussion of what intersectional multiculturalism requires in a democracy and in the 21st century.

f.Creating dedicated space for student groups and the campus & local community to hold conversations, get to know each other, and work together as allies

g.I think this can be a gathering space to support students, faculty, and staff. It can serve as a place where folks feel welcomed and invited to convene and to grow initiatives together.

h.Place for underrepresented students (and faculty/staff) to have community, services that will benefit them personally Place of learning about issues of diversity and inclusion for all

a. Instructional strategies and methodologies that center around incorporating aspects of cultural competency development in the classroom. Training faculty to facilitate classroom discussions that allow for all voices to be heard and promotes respect.

c.The importance of having a place where people from the K-State community come to you. Before we had the leadership building, we went to others.......once the building was established, people came to us. I can't think of how many new partnerships and allies were formed because people came to our space to engage in conversations that advanced our university forward. A barber shop within the center would be awesome.....like the one at the Vanier Football complex. A small convenience store with authentic food/needs for our undergraduate students who seek culturally specific items that are difficult to obtain at local grocery stores. The center should be intentional to affirm the identity and acknowledge the needs of our underrepresented students. Flags, Symbols, etc. Things that tell me I'm in my home away from home.

d.Intersectionality. This campus has historic, long-standing divides between communities of color and other multicultural organizations -- namely feminist, LGBTQ, and people with disabilities. Diversity issues are looked at as a "pie" with many organizations scrambling for what are perceived to be finite resources. I hope this comment is not taken as an attempt to scramble for some "pie" or to detract from the very real issues our students, faculty, and staff of color face. However, if we hope to change this climate -- particularly for our community members who ARE from intersecting communities (queer people of color, women of color, people of color with disabilities, etc.) -- then it has to start with the committee. I'd like to hear how the committee might incorporate the work of FIRE / CARE, the LGBT Resource Center, the Access Center, and associated groups on campus even if they are physically and institutionally separated from one another. How might the committee do what it can to start bridging these structural gaps? Such resources are present in abundance and are not finite like the proverbial "pie" of money and institutional attention.

e.    Need to make sure we don't duplicate student services that are already being provided by other organizations

g.How will all of campus (students, faculty, and staff) identify this space as a place for them? I think it would be an error to design a space just for students. I think our faculty and staff need to see this as a home as well. Additionally, I think that the space should be centrally located.

Student Governing Association

I think that the biggest benefits of the center are within the statements above.  Specifically, I want the center to be the biggest advocate for success among underrepresented communities.  I think it would also be awesome for multicultural student groups to be able to have space of their own.  Finally, I think that cultural competencies classes and lectures would be a perfect way to connect the center with the predominantly white campus and surrounding community.

I personally think that this project is not going to receive enough funding through the foundation to be able to be built.  Thus, I think a referendum for putting it on the privilege fee will be necessary.  In order for that to happen, though, we're going to need to make sure that we have a strong PR campaign about the ways that the center will benefit everyone on campus, not just underrepresented communities.

Student Governing Association

We believe that this center will bring lots of great opportunities to our campus. First, we believe that this provides a space for minority students to feel safe and to get away from the stresses of life and school. We also believe that this space provides opportunities to provide resources and education for minority students. We believe this will uniquely improve retention amongst minority students and that is something we value greatly. In addition to the impact this has on minority students, this also promotes cultural awareness as it creates a space for majority students to experience the issues and we believe that this will help our campus to become more inclusive.

As we were discussing the center, the following things came up:

We were not entirely sure where we stand on class space as we believe this could be helpful to bring students into the building but also see intentionality in this space as very important. 

We believe that there should be more outreach and promotional efforts. Perhaps we could create a campaign for students that are not aware to explain the purpose of the state.

Something that came up in our discussion is the way in which this center will be such a great recruitment tool.

We do not believe that students should fund any of this space.

We believe that the planning group should publish a timeline as a means to hold the administration accountable. 

Student Planning Association

I don't think our group is relevant to the center, but I still think the center is a valuable resource to the Kansas State University community. As an organization we try to promote getting students involved in the community and cultural competency events can be very important to the field of planning. The university as a whole only stands to gain from a multicultural center that would provide much needed resources and spaces to people on our campus and provide a new educational space for learning about cultural competency and outreach.

Student Planning Association, Dept. of LARCP, KSU

I see it has a unique perspective.

Students, faculty and maybe some staff who had served at course instructor, international student center people.
Students for Environmental Action (SEA)

The KSU campus needs more student club meeting space, particularly for evening hours. This would benefit our club as well to reach out to improve the diversity of our group.

The Kansas State Office for the Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering (KAWSE)

The ideas proposed by the committee, in my view, are thoughtful. I think minority/historically represented KSU community members need a place to go that they know is safe for them, which is why I like the ideas about meditation spaces, gathering spaces such as the kitchen and recreational areas, and meetings spaces. I also think that it is important that advocacy on behalf of minority/underrepresented students (and I would add staff, faculty, and administrators) come out of this space. I like the idea of community outreach too, but I worry that having too many "missions" will lead to a lack of focus for the center. 

In sum, while I think all the ideas here are wonderful, I'd recommended focusing on two goals 1) safe spaces for minority/historically underrepresented KSU community members and 2) advocacy efforts promoting social justice, diversity, and inclusion for minority/historically underrepresented KSU community members. That will be lots of work in itself.

I think keeping the goals focused and manageable is important. I'm not sure what kind of staffing resources will be available, but just be careful that there is enough staff to do all that is being asked of this center.

The Kappa Tau Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

The multicultural student center can create an advantageous safe space. It can help K-State by providing a place for multicultural student programs and organizations to meet, store their belongings, get the help they need for academic resources. It can also help Kansas State University to learn about the multicultural community and increase retention, as well as recruiting efforts. It can also display's K-State's commitment to diversity and inclusion in helping prepare out K-State students and community for an ever diverse and changing world

The center's planning group should consider the voices of the multicultural leaders on campus especially those of the four core organizations. They should also consider who is going to champion this cause. Let's have this center be for the multicultural unrepresented community, not for making the majority feel comfortable. Let the center exemplify the core essence of what it's supposed to be. 

The Malaysian Student Association

Yes, I see it as a place that can help the K-State community from non-dominant culture groups feel free and comfortable to express and share their cultures. It is a place that they can validated and accepted.

It would be a good idea to have the different cultural groups showcase a unique aspect of their culture in a display cabinet of sorts. This could be rotated so one or two groups display artifacts etc. for 2 months or so perhaps followed by some form of discussion with interested parties.  

The National Organization of Minority Architecture Students

This center will fill a gap that is lscking at Kansas State University, a building devoted to American-minority students that serves as a safe space for them away from home. Also the building will serve as an educational space for students with backgrounds of limited exposure to national minority cultures. This should lead to higher retention rates, higher minority student success rates, better campus dialogue, and less problems of racial tension on campus

How the building positively affects minorities and invites all students on campus while maintaining its entire focus on minorities

The Navigators

Ofice/desk/storage space and gathering space for student organizations would be a great addition.

There are already so many programs that I'may not sure more would be very helpful.
The Student Association of Graduates in English  
Undergraduate Studies and University Honors Program

Diversity & Inclusion = Excellence; Excellence = Diversity & Inclusion.

It is not possible for K-State to reach its strategic goals without making strides in this area. These include increasing the representation of diverse groups among faculty, staff, and students; deepening the university community's understanding of culture, society, and identity, in part, by understanding the university's land-grant history and extending that spirit to meet today's challenges; reducing and, ideally, eliminating student achievement gaps (as measured by GPA, first-to-second year retention, four- and six-year graduation, and other metrics); etc.

A multicultural center can signal, and materially support, meaningful efforts in this direction.

Union Program Council

It will be another building dedicated to the success of students- specifically students of diversity. They will be able to feel comfortable here and hold many important events and have more space to store their things. 

It is important that while this building is for Multicultural students that it does not become exclusive or uninviting to other students. Do your absolute best to co sponsor events in the building with other groups on campus so EVERYONE feels welcome.
Union Program Council

The center may galvanize the current underrepresented population and may allow room for growth for increased minority populations by showing that K-State values diversity.

Featuring artists of color on campus through artwork on campus, whether that is artwork in classroom buildings or public (outdoor) artwork.

United Black Voice Gospel Choir

Having a Multicultural Center would increase multicultural recruitment efforts and have an impact on the retention of multicultural students. It is important to have a place to teach the K-State community about all aspects of the different cultural present on campus. A multicultural center will also be a visual and physical representation of how important ethnic diversity is to K-State. It would also make us more competitive with the other schools in the Big XII as we are the only Big XII institution without at least one multicultural center.

The planning group should consider having an Einsteins bagels or an cafe in the multicultural center. Something that also be considered is that multicultural groups are considered when naming it.

United Black Voices Gospel Choir

I see this center benefitting K-State students, faculty and staff, and the University as a whole but I would hope it would not be of a compromise to the multicultural organizations. This will be the only thing that multicultural studnets have that would be ours and I would be devastated if it was negated and used to serve Kstate.

This center can benefit KSU campus tours, help faculty with research and the University with improving Diversity Inclusion initiatives.

Studnets are willing to help with planning and we are serious about the center. We appreciate all the work you have instilled thus far. Consider that money is a key factor but it should not be a hindrance on the coming of the Multicultural building process. 
Veteran Student Center

The center could meet the needs of students in the fringes through partnertship with other organizations and providing a centralist perspective on inclusiveness for all students.

The center would best serve a diverse and multicultural community of students be publishing clear definitions on terminology. What does it mean by having "multicultural" in the name? Who are underrepresented students? Who will be excluded?