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Multicultural Center Planning Group

Group Survey Responses

What is the core purpose or mission of your organization?
Organization, group or unitYour core purpose or mission
9:30 LEAD 405Developing knowledgeable, ethical, caring inclusive leaders for a diverse and changing world
Academic Assistance Center Student AmbassadorsThe purpose of the Academic Assistance Center Student Ambassadors is to positively promote the resources and mission of the Academic Assistance Center. The AAC Student Ambassadors will connect current students, prospective students, and parents to our resources by acting as representatives of the Academic Assistance Center at programs and events.
American Society of Civil EngineersProfesional development
Asian American Student UnionAsian American Student Union (AASU) was founded by Jason Ly in the year of 1991. He felt that the Asian population of K-State needed a strong voice to convey to the community. We aim to keep this tradition going as our voice is needed more so now than ever.

The purpose of this organization is to foster unity and support for all Asian and Asian American students on campus; to provide awareness of the Asian cultures to Kansas State University faculty, administrators, students and community; to provide a means by which Asian and Asian-American students can become more visible to the Kansas State University community; and to create an atmosphere that promotes and teaches the equality of diverse people.
Asian American Student UnionThe main purpose of our organization is let people learn, experience, and spread our culture, language, and food through our annual event. This is significantly important for diversification to all of Manhattan community.   
Beta Upsilon ChiTo establish brotherhood and unity under the common bond of Jesus Christ.
BiologyEducation and research
Black Faculty and Staff AllianceThe purpose of the Black Faculty Staff Alliance (BFSA) is to bring together individuals who have an active interest in promoting racial equity at Kansas State University. The Alliance is also interested in furthering the success of Black faculty, staff and students.
Black Student UnionThe mission of the Black Student Union is to focus on the development of the Kansas State University by advancing academic Stability, political action, and the leadership of Black students while promoting Black culture across all aspects of life.
Business collegeEducation
CBAEducate and research
Center for Intercultural and Multilingual Advocacy (CIMA), College of EducationOur center offers a broad array of ESL undergraduate and graduate programs of study. We strive to provide academic programs that incorporate the most up-to-date technology while simultaneously providing our graduates at all levels to be career ready upon graduation.
Chinese Language and Culture CubTo advance the knowledge and understanding of Chinese Culture and Language
College of Arts and Sciences - Diversity CommitteeThe committee's mission is to promote and support diversity in the college. Toward this end, the committee has action plans associated with each of five goals. The committee is further subdivided into task forces concentrating on meeting and working towards each major goal and composed of overlapping members to maintain communication and solidarity among the entire committee.
College of Business AdministrationThe mission of the College of Business Administration at Kansas State University is excellence in the advancement and dissemination of knowledge consistent with the needs of students, business, faculty, and society.
College of Business Administration - Career DevelopmentWe are also in the process of updating our mission.
College of Business Study Abroad AdvocatesStudy Abroad Advocates promotes studying abroad to current and future students of the College of Business Administration. Our goal is to educate all business students about the advantages of studying abroad and help them with any questions or concerns that they may have. The Study Abroad Advocates also serves as mentors for the international students in the college. Membership is open to all business students.
College of Vet MedI don't know
Delta Sigma PhiRecruit better men, defy stereotypes, and convince the world of the sincerety of our purpose.
DepartmentTeaching, research, extension
Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality StudiesTo foster an academic examination of personal experience and social institutions as they are shape and are shaped by gender, sex, sexuality, race/ethnicity, class, (dis)ability and global location. 
Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community PlanningEducation of professional landscape architects and city planners.
Dept. of C&IPrepare teachers to promote social justice in schools
Diversity 2025To coordinate a goal/vision for the university that aims to increase student success among underrepresented groups.
Diversity for Community Committee ---College of EducationThe College of Education is committed to diversity in the broadest sense of the term. This committee demonstrates the consistency and permanency of the College's commitment to diversity, caring and ethics that are part of the vision and mission of the College of Education. The purpose of the Diversity for Community Committee is to address matters pertaining to diversity issues (using the term diversity as defined in the Principles of Community adopted by the university and college.)

Areas of responsibility for the Diversity for Community Committee include, but are not limited to, setting priorities for COE diversity initiatives; working with college committees recommendations in diversity matters; and acting as liaison on university-wide committees addressing diversity, when requested or appointed.
Ebony TheatreTo spread the stories of people of color. To showcase the works and talents of students of color. To promote inclusion and understanding.
Edgerley-Franklin Urban LeadersGet the training needed to combat urban issues.
Edgerley-Franklin Urban Leaders ScholarsThe Urban Leadership Scholars Program seeks to shape the next generation of great American urban leaders. Urban Leadership Scholars will have the knowledge to make sound judgments, the character to flourish under the pressures of leadership, and the vision to bring new solutions to our nation's most pressing urban needs. They will influence and inspire future generations to value education, hard work, and achieve academic and career success.
Edgerly Franklin Urban LeadersEducation and service in regards to urban core and minority issues.
Education and Personal DevelopmentTo walk along students in their quest for academic success
English Department Diversity CommitteeTo promote the success, retention, and realignment of students of color, queer students, disabled students and those that identify in the intersections of these and other non-dominant groups. To promote diversity initiatives within the department, college, and university as well as within the larger Manhattan community. To offer, promote, and support diversity-related classes and programming.
FacultyPreparing educators to be knowledgeable, ethical, caring decision makers for a diverse and changing world
FacultyTo provide student the opportunity to grow and develop primarily academically but also socially and as global citizens. 
FacultyExcellence in education, research, and outreach and shared governance of the University.
Faculty - College of BusinessExcellence in the advancement and dissemination of knowledge consistent with the needs of students, business, faculty, and society.
FarmHouse FraternityBuilding Men Spiritually, Intellectually,   Socially/ Morally, and Intellectually
Freedom AllianceRaising awareness about human trafficking and other slavery-like practices
Global CampusExtended learning opportunities
Graduate Schooloversight of graduate admissions and education
H.A.L.O.We stand for and continue to focus on the five pillars of:-Leadership Development-Cultural Awareness-Community Outreach-Political Activism-Unity
HALOPromote leadership withing our community, as well as grow as professional individuals.
HALOPromote latinos on campus
HALOLeadership by example.
HALOBring Hispanic culture to Kansas State University and participate in various community service activities
Hillel - Jewish Student OrganizationProvide a venue for Jewish student life.
Hispanic American Leadership OrganizationThe Hispanic American Leadership Organization of Kansas State University is a proud student group dedicated to promote the Latino culture within campus and throughout Manhattan as a whole. Our goals are aimed to create racially concscious student leaders that will uphold the well-being of the community and the student body while maintaining academic excellence.
Hispanic American Leadership OrganizationPromote Hispanic culture throughout K-State's campus.
Hispanic American Leadership Organization (HALO)Our purpose is to unite students at KState who are culturally aware and strive to make a difference and help out the community.
Housing & DiningWe will support students by engaging in collaborative relationships that encourage scholarship, community and self-discovery. By creating intentional environments of quality and care, we will enable students, faculty and staff to achieve excellence.
Human Capital Services staffRecruiting, developing and retaining a diverse, highly qualified workforce. Providing excellent customer service in the all areas of benefits, compensation, employee relations, learning and development, institutional equity and payroll services.
Human Capital Services-specifically the offices of Learning and Development and the Office of Institutional EquityTo provide progressive, responsive, and innovative solutions to attract, retain, develop, and reward a highly talented, diverse and inclusive K-State community that cultivates an environment where students and employees flourish.
I speak for no organization.n/a
Indigenous AllianceThe Indigenous Alliance is K-State's Faculty, Staff, and Graduate student affinity group for Native American, First Nations, and Indigenous peoples. The organization was created in 2015 to address the need for support, growth, and greater visibility of Indigenous people, nations, and perspectives on K-State's campus, Kansas, and beyond. This includes incorporating Indigenous knowledges and methodologies into both the academy and campus life. Given that not only K-State, but also every university in the U.S. is on Indigenous lands, the recognition that America's history begins and continues through Indigenous contexts is essential. Kansas State is on the ancestral lands of the Kansa (Kaw people) and Kansas is the home of four tribal nations: the Iowa, Kickapoo, Prairie Band Pottawatomie, and Sac and Fox.

Our mission, then, is to create decolonized spaces at the university and increase the presence, promotion, and support of Indigenous faculty, staff, and students at K-State.
individualto meet the needs of myself
Individual faculty member in the College of Architecture, Planning and Design, who has been employed by KSU for 37 years, and who is particularly interested in campus planning and design.Teaching and research for environmental design and planning.
Kansas State Theatre OrganizationFocuses on bringing students together in a creative, open-minded environment. Partners with the Theatre Department.
Kapp Pi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.Alpha Kappa Alpha's mission is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women in order to improve their social stature, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be of "Service to All Mankind".
KSDB FM 91.9Educate and entertain the students participating in the radio, K-State, and the surrounding Manhattan community.
K-State FirstK-State First is an integrated effort to create an outstanding university experience for every first-year student at Kansas State University. The program provides new students with a transition to college-level learning and college life in four important ways, by fostering campus community and feelings of belonging, offering opportunities for diverse activities and interactions, raising academic expectations with engagement and compassion, and empowering students with a strong sense of personal responsibility and social agency. Bringing together exciting small classes taught by exceptional faculty with a vibrant student life experience, K-State First helps students establish the foundation for a successful college career.
K-State Global Campus Diversity CommitteeOur committee has the charge to foster awareness, inclusivity, and respect in our workplace and in our dealings with faculty/staff/students at K-State and the community at large, for the many aspects, seen and unseen, that make up each person's unique identity.

To complete this survey, the average of the participating members' ratings and *all* comments was used, so as to allow the members' opinions to be heard. Ratings that had a numeric average ending in .5 (between two scores) were listed as the higher of the two.
K-State LibrariesWe elevate academic success as an integral partner in research, learning, and discovery. K-State Libraries is the central place for discovery through resources and support for the teaching, research, and service of Kansas State University and the citizens of Kansas.
K-State OlatheThe goal of this campus is to teach students but also be a place where professionals come to continue their learning. It is home to graduate level students as they prepare for careers in the biosciences and biotechnology, with opportunities to work with faculty from Kansas State as well as industry scientists.
K-State Student UnionThe mission of the K-State Student Union is to serve as a central hub for the campus community. It fosters an environment that promotes respect for all people and values diversity, leadership development, inclusion and the free exchange of ideas. It provides facilities, services, programs and activities to enhance the quality of life of its students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests, with particular emphasis on students. The Union plays an integral role in the educational mission of the university, providing out-of-class experiences that educate, entertain and enlighten.
K-State WesleyTo connect students to Christ by loving God and loving others.
KSU Collegiate Cattlemen's ClubTo promote the beef industries of our state and nation and to develop leadership skills of our members.
KSU Veterinary VoyagersTo expose young individuals in the field of veterinary medicine through the college of veterinary medicine with hands on meetings and field trips.
KSU's Multicultural Alumni CouncilThe Multicultural Alumni Council is an advisory council within the K-State Alumni Association. This council serves as a diversity liaison in three areas: student, alumni and university. The council is a pipeline for multicultural alumni who want to get involved with the university.

The council is made up of 11 members, with one standing appointment from the Office of Diversity and a student representative.
Kuwaiti Student OrganizationTo educate and share an appreciation for Kuwait.
To integrate K-State's Kuwaiti students with the student body.
To promote a memorable experience at K-State.
To encourage diversity.
L.u.l.a.cTo advance the economic condition, education attainment, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of Hispanic populations of the United States.
League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)The Mission of the League of United Latin American Citizens is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population of the United States.
The K-State Council #11078 is the only undergraduate council in the U.S.
LULAC, HALO,AESSATo help the minority students
Malaysian Students AssociationTo gather Malaysians around KState (students and non-students).

To share the diversity of our country, Malaysia with all KState family.
MANRRSDeveloping minorities to become leaders in the agricultural field. Done through academic support, networking, and scholarship opportunities.
MANRRSHelp students to become more confident and build more professional relationships
Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related SciencesMANRRS promotes academic and professional advancement by empowering minorities in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences.
Mortar BoardScholarship, Leadership, Service
Mortar BoardLeadership, scholarship, service
Mortar BoardTo excel in the pillars of leadership, service, and scholarship, and furthermore spreading our message and aid to all those we come into contact with.
Mortar BoardThe purpose of our group is to pull together students of great academic accomplishment, who are leaders within their school and community, to better serve others and continue to develop as students and individuals.
Mortar Board Senior Honor SocietyTo promote our pillars of leadership, scholarship and service in the K-State and Manhattan community.
Mortar Board Senior HonoraryMortar Board, Inc., as an honor society, is an association of individuals selected for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership and service, which recognizing the advantages of a national union of senior honor societies, has formed a national honor society, whose purpose shall be to facilitate cooperation among those societies, to contribute to the self-awareness of its members, to promote equal opportunities among all peoples, to emphasize the advancement of the status of women, to support the ideals of the college or university, to advance a spirit of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, to provide service, and to establish the opportunity for a meaningful exchange of ideas as individuals and as a group.
Mortar Board Senior HonoraryMortar Board is an association of individuals selected for distinguished ability and achievement in scholarship, leadership and service, which recognizing the advantages of a national union of senior honor societies, has formed a national honor society, whose purpose shall be to facilitate cooperation among those societies, to contribute to the self-awareness of its members, to promote equal opportunities among all peoples, to emphasize the advancement of the status of women, to support the ideals of the college or university, to advance a spirit of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, to provide service, and to establish the opportunity for a meaningful exchange of ideas as individuals and as a group. (Mortar Board website definition)
National Organization for Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)A focus on bringing diversity to the field and architecture as well as learning how to use architecture itself to strengthen and encourage diversity within the world at large.
National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)To promote and increase awareness and diversity within the disciplines of architecture
Native American Student Assn.NASA's mission is to promote Diversity through interaction between Native & non-Native
KSU students by exposing them to traditional art, music, and culture. Promote Leadership opportunities through one on one contact with famous Native Americans while bringing
successful Native Americans to KSU.   To give our Native American Students a sense of community and support to promote their success while at KSU.   We are a clearing house for scholarships & tutoring opportunities to our Native American Students through students helping students. Promote Diversity through working with others hand & hand together.
New Student ServicesNew Student Services promotes student success by engaging prospective, new and current students and families with the K-State community in a spirit of inclusivity, collaboration, and excellence.

New Student Services assists students and families in the college search process and transition to K-State. NSS offers quality programs and services designed to provide information, guidance, and access to our campus community.

New Student Services provides a window to the undergraduate student experience at K-State by offering a personalized college search and outstanding, responsive service to our students and families. We are successful in our work through collaboration and strong partnerships with the campus community for program delivery. We inform, encourage, and guide students and families during an important transition in their lives.
NOMASTo support rising architecture students of all genders and nationalities and raise awareness of minorities in architecture.
NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architecture StudentsNOMAS is an organization dedicated to help share the value of diversity, build teamwork, and networking in the College of Architecture, Planning, and Design and for students campus-wide.
Office of Student LifeAssist student with any challenges they have - personally, academically, socially, and with their health.
Paraguayan Student AssociationThe purposes of the Paraguayan Student Association are: to provide support to Paraguayan K-State students living in Manhattan; to create an integrative platform that would lead and promote Paraguayan culture and diversity in the university setting and to serve as a liaison between Kansas Paraguay Partners, the students, and the Comite Paraguay Kansas.
PhilsaTo promote unity among members and establish a connection with the community
PlanningThe represent the Planning program
Plant Pathology Grad Student ClubTo foster professional development, social interaction, and outreach of grad students in our department
Powercat FinancialProvide free peer-to-peer financial education and programming to students.
Powercat FinancialGive peer-to-peer financial counseling and assistance to K-State students for free
Powercat FinancialPowercat Financial provides free information and education to
current enrolled K-State students who are seeking help with issues such as: budgeting, credit, student loans, or employee benefits.
Powercat Financial CounselingIncrease financial literacy at KSU
Psi Chi and/or La Societe FrancaisePsi Chi: To celebrate and advocate the importance of psychological sciences and academic excellence. We are part of an international honor society for psychology students.

La Societe Francaise: To engage and educate students (and members of the K-State/Manhattan community) about various francophone cultures through events and activities. 
SECSAGraduate teaching
Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.We are a multicultural sorority who focuses on academics, community services, social interaction, cultural awareness and morals and ethics.
Sign Language ClubTo teach sign language and provide an environment where the primary language used is sign language as well as teach about Deaf culture.
Smurthwaite Scholarship/Leadership HousePromoting Scholarship, Leadership, Friendship, and Service among the members of the house.
Society of Hispanic Professional EngineersSHPE's mission is to change lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support, and development.
StaffPreparing educators to be knowledgeable, ethical, caring decision makers for a diverse and changing world.
Staley School of Leadership StudiesTo develop knowledgeable, ethical, caring, inclusive leaders for a diverse and changing world.
Student Governing AssociationThe purpose of the KSU SGA shall be the establishment and maintenance of student government, the enactment and enforcement of the just laws and the promotion of such activities as are appropriate for the student body.
Student Governing AssociationThe Student Governing Association is tasked with representing the needs and concerns of the student body to the K-State administration and to participate in shared governance to guarantee that every voice is heard at K-State.
Student Planning AssociationKSU planning students get together to do extracurricular planning related activities and work in the Manhattan, Kansas, and national planning communities.
Student Planning Association, Dept. of LARCP, KSUTo help planners network with professional planners, engage in community activity, sharpen their planning skills, be more competitive and give back to community by spreading awareness about the planning profession in the general public.
Students for Environmental Action (SEA)The purpose of Students for Environmental Action is to promote an awareness of environmental issues on campus and within our community by bringing together students and community members who are dedicated to the conservation, protection, and improvement of the environment. Further, it is the goal of Students for Environmental Action to see that its members support those activities that are economically, socially, and environmentally just.
The Kansas State Office for the Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering (KAWSE)To enrich the lives of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines.
The Kappa Tau Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. promotes brotherhood and academic excellence while providing service and advocacy for our communities.
The Malaysian Student AssociationTo provide a place for Malaysian students, faculty, staff and community members and anyone else interested in learning more about Malaysia/ns to gather. To promote cross-cultural understanding and sharing of cultures.
The National Organization of Minority Architecture StudentsTo champion and elevate diversity within the design community on campus
The NavigatorsTo know Christ and to make Him known.
The Student Association of Graduates in EnglishTo encourage graduates in English to become involved in the K-State community and the English department. To create strong communication between graduate students and faculty
Undergraduate Studies and University Honors ProgramTo strengthen undergraduate education at K-State; to help recruit and support the University's most high-achieving undergraduate students.
Union Program CouncilThe K-State Student Union Program Council plans more than 160 entertaining, educational, cultural and substance-free events each year for K-State students and the Manhattan community.
Union Program CouncilARTICLE 1 - NAME

A. Name

1. The name of this organization shall be the K-State Student Union Program Council (UPC).


A. Purpose

The purpose of the Union Program Council shall be to provide educational, cultural, and social experiences by students for students and the K-State community. The organization seeks to develop leaders and enhance the quality of student life through inclusive programming. With a goal of fulfilling the mission of the university, UPC aims to help establish an engaging campus life for students throughout their college experience. Through the prudent use of student privilege fees, UPC serves as a resource to entertain, excite, and educate the university and community.
United Black Voice Gospel Choirto inspire, enlighten and spread the word of the most high God through the music ministry
United Black Voices Gospel Choir"To spread the rich flavor of the gospel music" the purpose is to share this mission with the Manhattan community who have and have not been exposed. Gospel music has positive messgaes and uplifts the sould. We have performed at various events at K-State, Salina KS and Kansas City. We hope to travel outside of these locations while supporting KState. We need more space. Sometimes we have to practice in the small MSO room when it is avialable and sometime other multicultural orgs use it as well. The union is packed throughout the year and even Dan Forth Chapel. The prayer and meditation room would help us to have our bible studies and quiet time with God. We want to be with other multicultural organizations as well in a big facility.
Veteran Student CenterMilitary conntected student support services.
Education and awareness training on military-connected students and culture for the university.
Research and network support.
Recruiting, onboarding, orientation, transition, employment, and resiliency for military-connected students.