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Multicultural Center Planning Group

Group Survey Responses

An important part of the Multicultural Center planning group's charge was to work with students and the campus community to define uses and outcomes for the space. This group survey was particularly for student groups, faculty and staff groups, and departments and units that would want to actively participate in center programming and activities. The following shows the results of the group survey.

What groups responded to the survey?
Groups' responses to the following questions
  • How do you see this center benefitting Kansas State University's students, faculty and staff, and the university as a whole?
  • What else should the center's planning group consider?
Groups' responses to the importance of activities questions


*Other responses

study space

study space

civic center


Storage space

Study spaces

Resources Hub

Media Center for screening films

A place for everyone, not just minorities


Informal "Study Spaces"

Whatever the students say is important

Radinas and etc, Performance space

LGBT Inclusive Restrooms

Counseling spaces from professionals who have cultural competency and awareness Of minority's issues.

Expansion space that is flexible and can fill any future needs

Outdoor meeting and promotion spaces

Gallery space for influential multicultural personnel

Computer Area

Theater, Lounge