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Office of Pre-Law Advising

Spring 2018 Highlights

Legal Speaker Series: Hon. Meryl D. Wilson

Monday, February 19, 2018

7:00 – 8:30 PM

Student Union, Rm. 209

The Office of Pre-Law Advising and Pre-Law Ambassadors are excited to welcome Judge Meryl D. Wilson, Chief Judge of the Riley County District Court, as the debut speaker for our new Legal Speaker Series. The Speaker Series is designed to give students at Kansas State University more exposure to the vast array of legal professions through expert speakers in diverse legal professions.

Judge Wilson is a Kansas State University alum with a history of interesting legal work, including once suing the school.   He graduated from Kansas State in 1971 with a degree in History and received his law degree from Washburn University. He was engaged in the private practice of Law before joining the bench as District Judge on April 18, 1997 and has been serving Riley County ever since.

 Judge Wilson will speak to students about his own legal career, preparing for and attending law school, the path to becoming a judge and the view from the Bench.

Fall 2017 Highlights

Law Fair 

Friday, September 8, 2017

10:00-1:00 PM

Union Ballroom

The Kansas State University Pre-Law Ambassadors, in conjunction with the Office of Pre-Law Advising, is hosting a law fair on September 8th, 2017, in the Student Union Ballroom. The fair will begin at 10:00 AM and last until 1:00 PM. Over 50 law schools will be represented!

For the Fair, please come in casual attire.  The law schools understand that you are coming between classes but please look neat and clean; save the ripped jeans for another day.  You don’t need a resume. 

Come prepared to ask questions of the school representatives.  Ask about their certificate programs, chances to study abroad, specific areas of interest, trial teams, etc.  This is your chance to learn about the differences among the schools and find the right ones for you.

The fair is open to all students, across all majors and will be a come-and-go event. Feel free to stay for a few minutes or a few hours.   Registration is available at the door or online.

Constitution Day

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

9:00 AM-12:00 PM; 1:30 PM-3:00 PM

Forum Hall, KSU Student Union

judgesTuesday, September 19, 2017 is Kansas State University’s celebration of Constitution Day in Forum Hall, fulfilling our Federal mandate.  A three-Judge panel from the Kansas Court of Appeals led by the Hon. Melissa Taylor Standridge with Hon. Stephen D. Hill and Hon. Kim R. Schroeder will hear six (6) cases from across the state.   This is an incredible opportunity for us to see our court system in action.  The unrest in the world brings our freedoms into sharper focus and the legislative impasse in our Capitol illustrates how important it is for us as citizens to understand our system of government and be active participants.

There will be three (3) cases heard in the morning beginning at 9:00 AM and three (3) cases argued in the afternoon beginning at 1:30 PM. These are real cases argued by attorneys from all over the state.  You will be able to watch the attorneys argue their cases before the panel of Judges and have an opportunity to ask questions between cases. 

Two of our local attorneys are among those arguing in the afternoon session: William J. Bahr of Arthur-Green LLP and P. Bernard Irvine of Morrison, Frost, Olsen, Irvine & Schartz, LLP.  Mr. Irvine is an Adjunct Professor in the department of Agricultural Economics teaching Agricultural Law I.

You can stay as long as you want or just stop by to see your state Court in action. Click here to view the official flyer for the event.

Rights and Responsibilities Panel

Monday, October 30, 2017

7:00 PM-9:00 PM

Wildcat Chamber

panelDo you know your free speech rights? What about your rights on campus? Do you know what to do if a police officer stops you on your way home from Aggieville? How does the latest travel ban affect you? Why should you care about the DACA repeal? What are your responsibilities as a citizen? 

In today’s heated political climate, knowing your responsibilities as well as your rights could make the difference between a night at home and a night in jail.

Join our guest panel in a thoughtful discussion of the rights and responsibilities that go along with living in America. The panelists will discuss voting rights and responsibilities, immigration, student speech and hate speech on campus, and rights and duties associated with the police.

Our panelists are:

  • Micah Kubic: Executive Director of the Kansas ACLU
  • David Rubenstein, Esquire: Professor of Law at Washburn University School of Law
  • Cheryl Strecker, Esquire: General Council, Kansas State Universtiy
  • Jeremiah Platt, Esquire: Clark and Platt, CHTD

There will be time for discussion and questions after the panelists speak. This is a great opportunity to learn from experts and have your questions answered! 

This event is free and open to the public. Feel free to come and go as time allows. Click here to view the official flyer for this event.

Legal Guest Speaker: Patrick Carney

Thursday, November 9, 2017

9:00-10:30 AM

215 Fairchild Hall Conference Room

Join Patrick Carney, an experienced Assistant U.S. Attorney in a discussion about his interesting career, the path to law school, and becoming an AUSA. This is an excellent opportunity to hear from an expert in criminal law and have your questions answered. Seating is limited, so please RSVP.