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Peer Financial Counselor Application

Powercat Financial is accepting applications for peer financial counselor positions for the upcoming fall and spring semesters. Students should submit an application as early as possible ideally when a sophomore, but prospective counselors may apply as late as the second-to-last semester before graduation.

Deadline for submitting an application is 5:00 pm the first Friday in March. No late applications will be accepted!


All applicants must have a GPA above 2.8, and must have completed, or are enrolled in, some coursework related to personal finance. Typically applicants are majoring in personal financial planning, business finance, accounting, economics, family consumer science education or agri-business. Financial-related coursework is not a prerequisite, however it is highly recommended. Director may require, on an individual basis, successful completion of Money 101, an on-line 1 credit course, concurrent with training.


Peer Financial Counselors provide presentations to classes and student groups on personal finance topics, and individual counseling to help students with their personal finances. Peer Financial Counselors must attend all weekly training sessions in September and all monthly continuing education (CE) sessions thereafter. Participation in the student organization (PF Student Advisory Board), including events and social activities, is also required.


Upon receipt of your application, a personal interview will be scheduled in 302 Union (third floor). Final notification of selection as a peer financial counselor will occur thereafter by email notification.


Students will get to use their classroom knowledge to educate students about their personal finances and will obtain financial planning experience under supervision. Counseling hours may be applied to fulfill experience requirements for professional designations. Academic credit hours may also be obtained with prior approval of the director and your advisor. Peer counselors may receive pay if budgets allow during their second semester upon successful completion of all fall training requirements. It is also very rewarding to assist fellow students.

ATTENTION: The commitment of being a Peer Financial Counselor is such that you should honestly evaluate your class load, and present extracurricular activities in consideration of the time this pre-professional internship program will require.

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