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Students' activities outside of the classroom help transform them into well-rounded individuals. K-State 360 navigates student involvement through a series of categories, developing a skillset that gives them an advantage in the future. Students in the K-State 360 program learn to communicate their involvement to potential employers or graduate schools, raising their potential for success. Learn more about K-State 360.

Financial capability is an important skillset we feel any student should possess upon graduating and entering the workforce or graduate school. To assist students in achieving financial capability we have created the following K-State 360 badges that enhance not only a student's financial literacy but reinforce healthy financial behaviors:

College Financial Planning Badge, K-State 360

College Financial Planning Badge

Engage in group education plus at least three individual financial counseling sessions to assist you in developing a personal college financial plan to optimize your financial success.

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CashCourse BadgeGet Money Savvy with CashCourse Badge

Obtain financial skills training on a variety of essential life skills via free resources offered in the online financial tool at CashCourse.org.

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