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Department of Political Science

Bachelor of Arts/Science in Political Science

“Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best”  ― Otto von Bismarck  

Why Study Political Science? (PDF)

Degrees in Political Science


The Political Science Department offers Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in Political Science which require 36 hours of coursework.

Political science is a multifaceted discipline that focuses on the functions of governments. The topics studied by political scientists range from public opinion, elections and interest groups to comparative government, international relations, security studies, political philosophy, constitutional law and legislative behavior.

With such a wide range options, political science students have substantial freedom to tailor their courses of study to meet individual goals and interests. The program is flexible and students are encouraged to do internships as well as study abroad.

Good communication and analytical skills and a solid, broad-based background in the arts and sciences are some of the most important requirements for success in the field.

An undergraduate degree in political science prepares you for graduate study in the discipline but is also a foundation for a wide variety of other graduate and professional studies.

In fact, The Chronicle of Higher Education has reported that among Students graduating in 18 academic and pre-professional undergraduate majors, political science graduates ranked among the highest in satisfaction with job opportunities.

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The Political Science Department also offers a minor at 21 hours. 

(View Minor Requirements Here)

There are many Secondary majors, minors, and other specialized curricula that are also available to students that work concurrently with the Political Science Major, including but not limited to:

International Studies                                       Women’s Studies

Pre-Law                                                        Labor and Industrial Relations

Primary Text Certificate

Information about internships and how they can count towards elective credit can be found below

POLSC784 Internships

Ready to Apply?


A crucial component to successful completion of any major is advising. Each Political Science major is paired with an advisor to help navigate course selection and make sure degree requirements are met. 

Pre-enrollment advising happens twice a year during pre-enrollment times; the end of October through the middle of November and the end of March through the middle of April. Political Science majors are required to schedule an appointment with the office of Political Science no more than two weeks prior to the student’s open enrollment date. After scheduling an appointment, an email reminder will be sent out to the student. 

The "advisor hold" on your KSIS account will not be lifted until you complete this appointment.

To schedule your appointment, check your enrollment date and the advisor that you are assigned in KSIS then call 785-532-6842 or stop by the Political Science Office in Calvin 101D. 

Use these forms to prepare for your advising meeting:

What requirements does this course satisfy? 

What score do I need on my Advanced Placement Exam to earn elective credit?

**All files are in PDF format