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Department of Political Science

 security studies

Security Studies at Kansas State University is a rigorous interdisciplinary program offering MA and Ph.D degrees for students interested in national security, international affairs, world politics, and transnational problems. It boasts well-published faculty and an international student body. History and Political Science are the core departments in the Security Studies program, but students draw on expertise and coursework from other disciplines as well. Students range from recent graduates of traditional undergraduate programs to field grade officers in the US military. The diversity of experience among our students is one of its key strengths. Most students plan to use their degrees for professional careers in international affairs. Oversight of the program's admissions and academic policies is handled by the program's Faculty Committee.

Concurrent B.A. / B.S. in Political Science and M.A. in Security Studies


Students who successfully complete this program will receive both a BA or BS in Political Science and a Masters of Arts in Security Studies.

This concurrent degree has the advantages of decreasing the amount of time required to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree while also reducing overall tuition costs.  With careful attention to undergraduate course scheduling, this concurrent degree can be completed in five years as opposed to the traditional six years to obtain the degrees independent of one another. A total of nine credit hours can be applied to both degrees, so overall tuition cost is reduced by a corresponding amount.

For more information, please visit the Security Studies website and reach out to the Director of Security Studies:  Dr. Michael Flynn